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I’ve been helping clients achieve great results since 2000. Many have added millions to their bottom lines. Others have improved their quality of lives, levels of fulfilment and improved personal confidence.
Results will vary depending on what your goals are and also on how much work you’re willing to put in. My philosophy is based on the principle that if you’re looking to improve your career or business life, you also need to look at your personal life.
My intention is to help my clients improve their overall condition in as many ways as possible.

Apart from specific goals being achieved, the most common benefits for clients also includes the following:

  • Improved clarity, focus and confidence
  • Better sense of what really matters
  • More self-awareness
  • Faster development in their career and lives
  • Peace of mind

I’ve asked a few clients to give an honest appraisal of why they hired me, and where they see the value. I’d like to point out two distinct areas before you read their comments:

1. The tools of my work vary from client to client.

I see myself as your adviser and partner in achieving success. How we get there will vary from client to client. So it could include some or all of the following – 1 to 1 conversations, strategy facilitation, individual coaching sessions, mentoring, training, workshops or advice based on experience.

2. The quality of the relationships with my clients is everything.

I’m very lucky to work with people who have recognised that in order to genuinely lead others, they must first work on themselves. And it’s very much a partnership approach. I’m very inspired by my clients. They make me up my game because of their continued commitment to self-growth, the growth of their teams, and to finding ways of using their businesses as vehicles to make a difference in the world

CEO Support, Assets of over €1Billion

This client was new to their CEO role and took over the running of the business at a very turbulent stage. She is very competent but with so much coming ‘at her’, she asked for help in getting clarity on priorities and also in up-skilling in certain areas such as communication, negotiation, strategic planning and also maintaining clarity of mind. See has achieved very significant goals over our 2 years of work together, most of which other advisors had told her were impossible.

Client Comments:

Morgan Browne“Shane has worked with me for nearly 2 years now. When I went to him I had huge business pressure, a lack of focus and no strategy. Today I am very focused even with the huge workload I have.

I am achieving my goals and have a long term and short term strategy.  Shane was able to get me focused and look for clear priorities when I felt I was sitting in the middle a range of issues. I found the mental aspect really focused me and it’s of huge value to have the trusted support of someone outside my work circle to bounce issues off.  

Shane always makes himself available and has being a great support in a challenging time.  I would highly recommend him, speaking as someone who has reaped the reaped the rewards of his services.”

Business Owner/Chief Executive, Turnaround To Rapid Growth Client: Morgan Browne, CEO IIS Group, 


Client Comments:

“I started with working with Shane 3 years ago. Initially it was as a result of challenges within the business. I couldn’t see my way out of the difficulties.”

“Working with Shane enabled me to see the wood from the trees and prevent my mind form focusing things that may never have happened. From there we focused on building the business back up and concentrating on growth and the things that we wanted to achieve.
Since then Shane has worked with key members of management to assist them in developing their roles with the company. This has enabled us to grow the business from 12 people in 2009 to more than 50 in 2012. The key people have been able to grow with the business into roles they could not have envisaged before.”

“We now focus on the things we want to see happen. And remarkably we achieve what we set out to achieve. This has given us the belief that we can achieve anything we set our mind to. We do this in a structured way ensuring we don’t miss out on anything as we grow.
The company now has clear direction, a purpose and a dedicated team of people who enjoy what they do. We have also achieved our 5 year plan in 3 years.”

“Shane is consistent in his approach. Brings new ideas to the table and presents topics that most managers / directors wouldn’t necessarily focus on due to normal pressures. If you would like to aggressively grow your business much can be left behind. Shane ensures that all aspects of the business get covered.”

“The most important aspect of working with Shane is the personal aspect. Shane ensures that there is a work life balance. After all whats the point in achieving success in business if life passes you by?”

IQ-group-logoI have found working with Shane Cradock to be an extremely rewarding experience on many levels.
He is an expert at helping me chip through the layers and get to the core of things. I find myself forced to look at whatever topic we happen to be working on with fresh and more honest eyes – very rewarding and motivating.
But, even more importantly, I have become more aware of the progress in the now – almost like I can actually feel myself growing. It’s not just this hard-to-express growth and support that are my gains.

In real figures, in the ten months since I first started working with Shane, my average sales have increased by a massive 183%. And the margin by at least 10% due to the added value I can offer through increased focus and personal efficiency.

I’m very grateful for having been introduced to Shane. He’s not only good, he’s also fun and has a wicked sense of humour! Highly recommend working with him.

Dublin, 6th January 2016

JENNINGS-DESIGN-STUDIO-logoWorking with Shane in the Thrive Forum over the past 3 years has been of immense value. The support and learnings have helped transition my business through a challenging period into one of sustained growth. My business is on course to have it’s best year yet this year. A big intangible benefit I didn’t expect has been the personal support from Shane and the forum members – not everyone relates to what’s involved in running a business. To have regular and open access to 11 experienced business brains has proven to be invaluable.

Brian Jennings MRIAI MIDI Architect, Designer at JENNINGS \ DESIGN STUDIO

brown-bag-films-logoWorking with Shane has made a huge difference to my professional and personal life. Shane provided me with a key to enabling a better version of myself along with a  new way of approaching my career. Since working with Shane, I have been promoted to a position I’ve always wanted, my team has won an international award and my time at work feels more rewarding and productive in new ways. 

Louise Nicholls, VP of Technology & Innovation, Brown Bag Films / 9 Story Media Group

enterpryze logoAfter a year of working directly with Shane, it has been a game changer for me – professionally and personally.
He has helped me gain clarity and focus on the results that matter for the business and the results I need to achieve for success.

He has helped me become much more self-aware and understand how to manage my state, which in turn has helped me become a better leader, be more productive and more results driven.

Shane’s approach is hands on and supportive while also being challenging!
Without his guidance and help I would not hold the position I do today.
I would recommend any busy leader to work with Shane – truly a game changer for success!

Paula Cassidy, COO, Enterpryze (Part of The Milner Browne Group)

sc-aspire-logoThis training helped to bring real clarity to my way of working. It helped to sharpen my thinking. I’d estimate a 50% impact on ability to get more of what matters done and 60% improvement in my clarity of mind. Other areas that benefitted were my sleep, energy and communication with my team.

Bill Walsh, Founder and CEO, Aspire Technology