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The Easy Way Vs. The Hard Way

Life’s easy if you live it the hard way,
and hard if you live it the easy way.

The easy way:

  • Leaving things the way they are
  • Not speaking up and sharing what I believe
  • Eating whatever you like
  • Starting each day with no plan or priorities
  • Letting your past dictate your future
  • Letting my emails dictate my focus today

The hard way:

  • Building habits that give you positive results
  • Stepping into what scares you
  • Being true to yourself
  • Working ON your business rather than being IN it all the time
  • Ruthless focus on your greatest opportunities
  • Realising you need to change something and taking action about it
  • Working on creating a meaningful future that inspires you
  • Being selective about when I look at my emails

The hard way is definitely more difficult in the short term. But in the long term, there’s no comparison.

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