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Interview On Breakthrough Brands

I was recently interviewed on the Breakthrough Brands program on Dublin South FM by Patrick Daly, who was standing in for regular host, Joseph Dalton.

Over a wide ranging conversation Patrick asked me some great questions which drew out some useful information.  Some of what we covered includes:

  • What I believe the biggest obstacle to success is
  • The most common challenges I find with entrepreneurs and senior executives
  • How I got started in this career
  • How a breakdown became a breakthrough
  • Why you can be really busy but going nowhere
  • What to do about mental ‘noise’
  • Some immediate tips you can use to improve your career (& life)
  • How even the best can get caught out
  • How to make the ‘mental side’ of business & life tangible
  • How to find clarity
  • How writing a play for theatre helped my business

If you like music, hold on (or go to the last 5 minutes) where Patrick asked me what song I’d like to play.   It’s a piece by the composer Hans Zimmer from the movie Inception.

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