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Going For Gold

“When I feel tired, I think about how great it will feel
once I finally reach my goal.”
– Michael Phelps

Being Exceptional

“Exceptional people really do come to believe that
the journey is more important than the destination.”
– Dr. Bob Rotella

Uncertainty In Duty Free

Uncertainty In Duty Free

“Wherever there is change,
and wherever there is uncertainty,
there is opportunity!

Highlights from interview with Josh Stewart, CEO of X-Jet

Thrive Forum:  The Thrive Forum is a peer group of like-minded business owners focused on having better businesses and better lives.  They meet with me every 2 months.  During the year we meet with successful people who have an interesting story and pick their brains. In June 2016, we met with Josh Stewart, founder and…

Re-Thinking The Way We Work And Live

‘Busy, busy’.

This, according to a client of mine is the mantra of a local pub manager.
No matter when you ask him, this manager is always ‘busy, busy.’