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TimeShift: How To Rock Your Work and Get A Life!

Location: Radisson Blu Saint Helen's Stillorgan Dublin

The model most people are using to manage their time is out of date. Business has become 'busy-ness'. More and more, people are finding that that they just can't cope with the apparent demands being placed upon them. Here's some findings from just one recent large scale study of business professionals:

  • 40% of those surveyed said their inboxes are out of control
  • 60% noted that they attend too many meetings
  • 70% don't plan their weeks in advance
  • The majority said they lacked a sense of meaning, control, and achievement in the workplace
Improving your productivity can impact some or all of the following:
  • Sales
  • Results that matter most
  • Your workload
  • Quality of thinking
  • Stress levels
  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Health and energy levels
  • Quality of sleep
  • Communication
"This training helped to bring real clarity to my way of working. It helped to sharpen my thinking.
I'd estimate a 50% impact on ability to get more of what matters done and 60% improvement in my clarity of mind.
Other areas that benefitted were my sleep, energy and communication with my team".
- Bill Walsh, CEO, Aspire
Shane Cradock speaking at The Pendulum Summit, Dublin 2017 With so much change happening, businesses are struggling to maintain and increase productivity. And figures like the ones above are not unusual. And part of the problem is that we are using an outdated model to manage our time. A model that was based on the 'industrial' factory age and not where we find ourselves - the information age/digital age. There has been an explosion in information, and technology has changed the way we do work forever. As a result there will be a massive shift in the way we use our time - a TimeShift, which once understood change the way you look at and live your business and personal lives. We all have one thing in common - 24 hours to use in a day. But how we use that time varies hugely from person to person. And never more so than now - the majority of people are using their time ineffectively because they are not using the right strategies.
Here’s 3 points to consider: 1. Most people have poor habits when it comes to using their time. We all are creatures of habit and our habits define our actions and ultimately our results. So doesn’t it make sense to learn the best habits when it comes to using your time? 2. There are many time management systems available but most are not really suited to the Digital Age, where everyone can be connected and available 24/7. 3. You can be busy every day, but ultimately really not get anything significant done. 'Time Shift' is a unique workshop created by Shane Cradock, that trains you in critical habits to help you get more out of your career, life and business. It's format is 3 morning workshops spaced over 4 weeks designed to equip you with the mindset, habits and tools to get more of the real priorities in your life and business done.
At the ‘TimeShift’ workshop you will:
  • Learn simple ways to immediately boost your productivity
  • Take a more strategic approach to your time
  • Learn how best to start your day and to set yourself up for better results
  • How best to manage interruptions
  • Learn how to get back a minimum of 30 days a year for ‘high priority’ work
  • How to stay focused on what get’s you and your company the best results
  • Learn the one thing that has the biggest impact on your productivity (& most courses never mention this...)
***Previous participants report a minimum increase in productivity of 30% after one week alone. Who Is This For? Anyone interested in boosting their productivity, results and overall satisfaction in business and life.
"This is much more than a time management course.
It's like a life skills course. I can't describe the impact this workshop has had on me. It gave
a lot more than I expected - business and personal. Highly recommended." ~ Andrew Leonard, Marketing Manager, Cricket Ireland


The course will be run by Shane Cradock, who has over sixteen years experience as a business advisor and performance coach to companies at all levels, from SME's to global multinationals. Core to his success with his clients are his unique insights into how to get the best from your time. Shane has developed unique material that will save you hundreds of wasted hours and add boost your performance. It's a real art to find the simple things that make the biggest difference i.e. the 20% that impacts on 80% of your results. That’s the focus of the workshops. To show you how to make immediate changes that will impact on your productivity.


3 x morning workshops. A mix of companies will be participating so it'll be useful networking also. **Note: This is a 3-workshop event so to participate you must be able to attend all three workshops. Workshop Dates at Radisson Blu Saint Helen's, Stillorgan, Dublin.
  • Workshop 1 (Start): Wednesday 27th Sept 2017 - 10am to 1pm
  • Workshop 2: Wednesday 4th October 2017 - 10am to 1pm
  • Workshop 3: Wednesday 18th October 2017 - 10am to 1pm
Fee: Early Bird - bought b4 31st Aug - €395 ex.Vat Regular Ticket - €437 ex.Vat from 21st Aug Think about the value of your time over the next year, in relation to your business and your life. Average TimeShift participants experience a minimum increase of 30% in their effectiveness. What would that be worth to you? To Reserve A Place: Please buy your ticket here or if you'd rather avoid extra charges and do a bank transfer, please send an email to, and we will be in contact with further details. Discounts available for private clients and group bookings.


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sc-saba“I have attended Shane’s workshop’s and have worked with him on a one to one basis. His guidance is excellent and rewarding as it has helped me be more focused on my business. He has fantastic intuition, business acumen and an ability to challenge and get the best from his clients.”.

Paul Cadden, Owner of Saba Dublin Restaurant

next-gen-sc“In the month after attending TimeShift I’ve had great results. My team is significantly over our sales target because of improved productivity and energy. And I’m getting out of the office earlier than ever because our key results are done which gives me more time for my personal life.”.

Dervila Corver, Director, Next Generation Recruitment

cricket-sc“TimeShift helps to develop and understand your working life. It’s more than just a work course though. The course is so work and life changing that really the pre course material should sell the product better.”.

Andrew Leonard, Marketing Manager Cricket Ireland, Score – 9/10

“It is not only essential for personal success, clarity and direction, it is important for good quality of life. The workshop gave me a lot of food for thought. I‘ve realised how little energy and clarity I have at the moment and how much I can be scared of the future.”.

Sarah Doyle, Executive Coach

“Blueprint is a great day to organise self-clarity on what you want to achieve with lots of practical tools to help you make really a change. The day helped me to re-look at my overall objectives both personally and in business and it helped me to figure out what I really want.”.

Phelim Pekaar, Score 10/10

brown-thomas-logoWorking with Shane over the past 8 weeks has has really changed my life. The work (Blueprint + TimeShift) has had a really positive effect on my productivity, clarity of mind and ability to get more of what matters done.

Before I was focusing solely on my professional life but not getting the most from my personal life. I now realise that balanced success isn’t just a concept but actually possible. I have learned the importance of planning to do the things I love to do the most in all areas of my life.

I feel much more in control of my work and life goals and feel like I can achieve anything. The results to date have been fantastic and I have developed so much personally.

Gretta Nash Cadden, Human Resources Manager, Brown Thomas Regional Stores and BT2

growth-investments-logoShane has not only transformed my business, dragging me into the 21st century, and helping me create a vision that I am proud of, but he has also given me the tools to find the balance between my work and personal life. I am a much happier and fulfilled person all round since engaging with him.

The Thrive Forum is unique. 12 successful business owners from diverse fields. People that you admire, using their collective knowledge to further you and your business. Holding you to your values and pushing you when you fall short, chaired by Shane. Sounds too good to be true, but it’s not.

Richard Cotter, Managing Director, Growth Investments Ltd.

beautiful-jobs-logoI thought I was too busy to do this workshop but Shane convinced me to try it and I am so glad that I did.  I am shocked at what I have achieved in the past month. My business has immediately improved because of my focus and mental clarity.

This training has impacted on my entire life – business and personal. I can’t stress how valuable a course like this is. It has been very inspiring, energising and refreshing!

Highly recommended for anyone wanting to get the best of themselves and reach an ideal work-life balance, and also great work results.

Maria Morgan, Managing Director,

I had attended Shane’s one day Blueprint workshop previously and found it very beneficial in creating clarity and focus on the important things in life. I was unable to attend the workshop this year but thankfully Shane had developed this online course based around the workshop, which allowed me go through the process in my own time.

BluePrint online is set up in  8 easily digestible sections comprising 10 minute videos. In these Shane outlines the Blueprint process and you then fill in the workbook to put the learnings into action. Each section can be done in 30 minutes – ideal for people with busy schedules.

The videos capture Shane’s personable and humorous style, which makes the process of reflection and goal setting very enjoyable. They also have the added advantage that you can replay them, allowing you to pick up on some ideas you may have missed the first time and amend your plan accordingly.
I would strongly recommend the online course for people who can’t attend the one day Blueprint workshop and want to gain clarity and focus for the year ahead.

Declan Connolly, Brand Manager

brown-bag-films-logoWorking with Shane has made a huge difference to my professional and personal life. Shane provided me with a key to enabling a better version of myself along with a  new way of approaching my career. Since working with Shane, I have been promoted to a position I’ve always wanted, my team has won an international award and my time at work feels more rewarding and productive in new ways. 

Louise Nicholls, VP of Technology & Innovation, Brown Bag Films / 9 Story Media Group