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“The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.” – Bertrand Russell (Author, Mathematician & Philosopher) I wouldn’t say it’s the whole problem, but it’s certainly one problem.  And in my experience, very true. So if you’re the one full…

An Inspiring Turnaround Story From An Irish Entrepreneur

Business and life are never straight-forward.

And if you run your own business you know that it
presents a unique set of challenges.

In 2009 I met a Dublin based business owner, Morgan Browne.

In the space of a couple of months he’d lost 2 deals worth €400k
which was essential to cash-flow, had to let go key members of his
team and the banks halved the company’s overdraft and credit facilities.
He was a few weeks from going out of business.

He had also been prescribed anti-depressants and made a throw-away remark
which has since become a joke between us…’At least it can’t get any worse’.

I said ‘Never say that. It can always get worse!’

A week later Morgan broke his leg.

Competition Results

Many thanks to all who entered the recent competition.

The overall winners are Sarah Walsh and Amy Vaughan who both
win a free coaching session valued at over €500.

Winners of inspiring and educational audios are:

John Dawson, Faraz Irfan, Emer Meighan, Sarah Bryan, Colin Hickey, David Keegan

Yasser Hameed

Des Regan

Deirdre Shanagher

Kathleen Mulvin-Brady

Kathryn Mason

Phelim Pekaar

Eavan English

Dervila Corver

Should I Bother Setting Goals This Year?

“I need the article within the next hour”.
The call was from my PR advisor Valerie. She’d asked me to prepare an article for a paper and the goal-posts had just shifted.
The journalist was going on holidays the following week and he wanted it ahead of time. He wanted it today. He wanted it in an hour!

Is Every Goal Worth It?

I’ve long been an admirer of people who have chosen to climb mountains. I get the sense of adventure and achievement. Of building skills, of overcoming hardship and obstacles and developing the mental and physical strength needed to first, successfully summit and then, to come down the mountain.

Learning From The Irish Rugby Coach

Many people say they’re fully committed when really they aren’t. They hold back out of perhaps fear or from being focused on too many things at the same time. What really matters most to you? Are you fully committed?

Is It Them Or Is It Me?

“If you want things to be different,
perhaps the answer is to become different yourself.”
– Norman Vincent Peale

It’s so easy to blame my customers, my boss, my investors, my business partner,
my team, my wife, my husband, my kids… (not necessarily in that order!)Maybe you’re looking to change things by changing one
or all of the above.And your plan just might work.

Or maybe your plan needs you to look more at yourself – from the inside out.
I’m not saying nothing needs to change around you. But it usually
happens quicker and more effectively when you change first.

In my experience, this is usually where the real pay-off is.

Brexit – The Painful (& Crazy) Nature Of Divorce

There is nothing religious in watching Britain’s parliament struggle through the crisis that is Brexit. Although you would be forgiven in asking the almighty for guidance! The original deadline for Brexit was set 2 years ago – this Friday coming, the 29th of March. What happens is by no means clear but what is clear is how effective leadership, or a lack of it, really does matter.