When It Comes To Vision Which Group Are You In?

When It Comes To Vision Which Group Are You In? “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” Jonathan Swift


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“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”
Jonathan Swift

In my work the thing I help people with the most is clarity.

Clarity of mind, clarity of vision and clarity of focus.

One of the key insights I learned over the years of my work is that
people who have exciting visions – business and personal, tend to achieve
better results.  People who don’t can end up drifting.

People tend to fall into 3 groups around vision:
Group 1 – Have a clear vision and they’re locked onto it with no mental viruses

Group 2 – Have a vision but have allowed themselves to get mentally distracted with
problems i.e. mental viruses

Group 3 – Have no vision and feel stressed because they don’t have one

If you’re in group 1…

Keep going.  Work on keeping your energy up because that is the magic that makes it all
happen.  Persistence and consistency are your biggest competitive advantage.

If you’re in group 2…

Take some time today or this week and spend some time tuning
back into the ‘picture’ of what you’re creating – see it as done in your mind
and tune back into the excitement of the original vision.  Inspiration follows
time with your vision.

If you’re in group 3….

Start with anything – it could be a mental movie of you doing one of the following:
– Telling someone you have clarity on a vision
– Getting into great shape and energy
– Being happy or the person you want to be
– Solving your most pressing problem – seeing it as solved

The more you put in ‘positive outcomes’ for all areas of your business and life
and work towards them, the better your results over time.

When I meet with clients I can’t buy into any problems they feel they have.
If I do, we’re both gone.

My key role is to hold onto the positive future vision of themselves
– and that influences everything that comes after.

What positive outcomes can you focus on today?

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