Embrace the Magic of Unexpected Moments


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“The best things in life are unexpected – because there were no expectations.”

Eli Khamarov

Last week I was on holidays with my family in Turkey and one day we decided we’d like to take a boat tour of the coast. But when we tried to book it we were told it was sold out for that day. Disappointed we booked the next day even though it wasn’t ideal.

As it turned out the next day was very calm on the sea, perfect for the tour. Our vehicle was a red speed-boat and when it took off it glided smoothly over the flat blue surface.

About a quarter way through the tour the captain started talking excitedly and pointing to one side.

“Delfínia! Delfínia!”


There were about a dozen people on our boat and the captain slowed the engine and explained that dolphins were usually only seen once or twice a season. With everyone’s permission he wanted to scrap the planned tour and seize the opportunity to see the dolphins up close.

Everyone agreed and the captain changed direction to pursue the pod of what turned out to be six dolphins.

We followed them for about 10 minutes out into the open sea and observed them playing with the boat as they glided in and out of the crystal clear water.

Then the captain decided we’d gone out far enough and turned the boat back towards the coast.

What was amazing was that the dolphins turned as well and started following our boat. It was clear that they were playing with the wake and the boat and for the next 30 minutes they swam around, under, behind and in front of our boat. It was very special.

A few things that struck me from this experience:

1. It’s useful to have a plan and a direction. But it’s better to be ready and flexible when opportunity presents itself. Life is often better than our plans.

2. As challenging as life can be, it has moments of pure magic. It’s important to be present to these moments when they present themselves, to really take them in.

3. Timing is everything. If we’d gone out on the boat the day we wanted we would have missed the dolphins. Sometimes we have to trust that where we are right now, is where we’re meant to be – even if our minds say othwerwise.

For me, the dolphins are like a metaphor for the magical things that can arise spontaneously on any given day. Even and especially in a ‘normal’ work day…

As you go about your week, perhaps consider:

  • Where can you be more flexible in your plans to allow unexpected opportunities to shine?
  • How can you cultivate a greater presence to fully appreciate the magical moments in your life?
  • What areas of your life could benefit from trusting the timing and embracing where you are right now?



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