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How To Not Change The World

“If you want to change the world, who do you begin with,

yourself or others?”

– Alexander Solzhenitsyn

“I’ve had enough of these tech companies. They all say they’re going to change the world but most are just full of it.”

So said someone to me recently, who’s business is all about dealing with tech companies.

They went on to tell me that many of the tech CEOs they were dealing with all had the same mantra of ‘We’re going to change the world’ – but in their opinion a lot of them would mess up the world if they succeeded and indeed, they were already messing up the people around them with the way they were behaving.

Perhaps they feel the need to ‘big up’ what their company is doing to attract talent or investors. Or maybe it’s their ego.

But just like we’ve all become de-sensitised to cold calling insurance salespeople, it seems to me that we’ve all become de-sensitised to the ‘changing the world’ mantra.

When everyone says they’re going to change the world, it just doesn’t mean anything anymore. Words become meaningless.

I see this even more clearly as a parent to two teenagers. They just don’t respond to my words, it’s all about my behaviour!

It takes courage to look first at yourself when it comes to change and for the record, I know good CEOs and leaders who are leading with their behaviour and not their words alone. Most are just focused on improving the part of the world they find themselves in.

Maybe you’re not in tech and maybe you don’t want to change the world, but you probably want to change parts of your own world.

Examples of that might include:

  • Your motivation and levels of clarity and focus
  • How you are looking at the people around you
  • Habits you can stop, start or improve
  • Your temper or levels of frustration or stress
  • The one thing you can work on this week to improve your results

What can you seek to change in yourself this week?



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