My Mistaken Assumption(s)


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“Assumptions are made and most assumptions are wrong.”

Albert Einstein

I got a lot of replies to my email last week, encouraging me to definitely create an audiobook for my first book, Inspire Me: Life Wisdom To Pass On, which is based on a similar format to my weekly emails.

What was interesting was that about half of the emails received encouraged me to create one for my new book, The Inner CEO.

I’m very grateful to have the positive support of people around me but…clearly my messaging needs to be improved as that audio-book has already been created. It came out on Audible when the book launched last October! 🙂

I’d made the clearly not so clever assumption that everyone connected to me knew that.

But this situation also made me pause and question what other hidden assumptions have I been making about the book, my business, my life…

  • Maybe I’m assuming certain things about my work that just aren’t true?
  • Perhaps there are assumptions influencing my key relationships?
  • Possibly I’m telling myself a story about a situation that isn’t serving me or the results I really want?
  • Maybe you’ve given up on a situation when the reality is that it can be changed?
  • What if your mind is telling you ‘you can’t’ when the truth is ‘you can’?

The mind is a story generating machine and at the core of all of the stories we’re telling ourselves are assumptions.

This week, consider taking some time out to ‘Attack Assumptions’ i.e. to think about the important areas of your life, write down what you believe about them and then challenge them.



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