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I’m asked often to speak at various events and functions. My goal is to inspire your group and leave them with plenty of food for thought, that will also provoke positive change. I have a various topics I can speak about some of which are listed below. Depending on your needs I can also tailor the event to what you want – be it a talk, a workshop or a discussion.

Popular Topics:

  • How To Turn A Crisis Into An Opportunity
  • MindShift – How To Get The Best Out Of You
  • Focus – How To Improve, Sustain and Enhance
  • CREATE: How to improve your problem solving ability and innovation
  • High Performance – How To Achieve and Sustain It In A Digital World

iislogo“We recently asked Shane Cradock to present at one of our Customer Seminars, held in Croke Park in March 2012. The event itself was attended by over 160 people. Shane was his usual informative, engaging and inspiring self. He touched on the personal, and made the audience sit up and listen.
He spoke off the cuff for a long period of time, and you could have heard a pin drop. He had them hooked in seconds. In place of the usual hoard of hungry conference attendees, pre-lunch – he had an avid group of listeners. Highly recommended as a thought provoking speaker that really gives something of meaning to the audience. It made the day.”

Sally Poff, Client Services Director, IIS Group

RestaurantsAssociationLogo_RBG“Shane spoke at our Annual Conference to nearly 200 delegates, and everyone in the room was hanging on to every last word. His passion for his subject comes through as he spoke, and he captivated our room of hungry restaurateurs and industry experts very well.!
He added an awful lot to our 2013 Conference experience, he didn’t just read off the page- he spoke on a professional and personal level, engaging with the audience at all times.!
Our social media reacted very positively when we tweeted his words of wisdom, and everyone left the room a lot more inspired than when they had gone in. We won’t be forgetting his three vital tools to any business in a hurry- confidence, clarity and communication- and Shane has these three things in abundance!”

Adrian Cummins, CEO, Restaurants Association of Ireland

boodles (2)“I highly recommend Shane as a speaker. He gave an hour long talk to a room of young entrepreneurs and business owners in London and gave them real value in terms of insights, experiences and a useful framework for improving their performance in business and life. His style is very personal and he provoked much positive thought and questioning from the audience. Overall his event was inspiring, memorable and most importantly useful.”

James Amos, Director of Boodles and Chairman of Next Generation Forum, Institute For Family Business UK

IQ-group-logo“I have found working with Shane Cradock to be an extremely rewarding experience on many levels.
He is an expert at helping me chip through the layers and get to the core of things. I find myself forced to look at whatever topic we happen to be working on with fresh and more honest eyes – very rewarding and motivating.
But, even more importantly, I have become more aware of the progress in the now – almost like I can actually feel myself growing. It’s not just this hard-to-express growth and support that are my gains.

In real figures, in the ten months since I first started working with Shane, my average sales have increased by a massive 183%. And the margin by at least 10% due to the added value I can offer through increased focus and personal efficiency.

I’m very grateful for having been introduced to Shane. He’s not only good, he’s also fun and has a wicked sense of humour! Highly recommend working with him.”

Dublin, 6th January 2016

brown-thomas-logo“Working with Shane over the past 8 weeks has has really changed my life. The work (Blueprint + TimeShift) has had a really positive effect on my productivity, clarity of mind and ability to get more of what matters done.

Before I was focusing solely on my professional life but not getting the most from my personal life. I now realise that balanced success isn’t just a concept but actually possible. I have learned the importance of planning to do the things I love to do the most in all areas of my life.

I feel much more in control of my work and life goals and feel like I can achieve anything. The results to date have been fantastic and I have developed so much personally.”

Gretta Nash Cadden, Human Resources Manager, Brown Thomas Regional Stores and BT2

“I had attended Shane’s one day Blueprint workshop previously and found it very beneficial in creating clarity and focus on the important things in life. I was unable to attend the workshop this year but thankfully Shane had developed this online course based around the workshop, which allowed me go through the process in my own time.

BluePrint online is set up in  8 easily digestible sections comprising 10 minute videos. In these Shane outlines the Blueprint process and you then fill in the workbook to put the learnings into action. Each section can be done in 30 minutes – ideal for people with busy schedules.

The videos capture Shane’s personable and humorous style, which makes the process of reflection and goal setting very enjoyable. They also have the added advantage that you can replay them, allowing you to pick up on some ideas you may have missed the first time and amend your plan accordingly.
I would strongly recommend the online course for people who can’t attend the one day Blueprint workshop and want to gain clarity and focus for the year ahead.”

Declan Connolly, Brand Manager

JENNINGS-DESIGN-STUDIO-logo“Working with Shane in the Thrive Forum over the past 3 years has been of immense value. The support and learnings have helped transition my business through a challenging period into one of sustained growth. My business is on course to have it’s best year yet this year. A big intangible benefit I didn’t expect has been the personal support from Shane and the forum members – not everyone relates to what’s involved in running a business. To have regular and open access to 11 experienced business brains has proven to be invaluable.”

Brian Jennings MRIAI MIDI Architect, Designer at JENNINGS \ DESIGN STUDIO

brown-bag-films-logo“I have been working with Shane over a number of months now and found his approach unique and very effective. From my experience he reads me extremely quickly and provides tools to help me approach my busy work and life in a different way. I have been on many training courses but this is one which focuses on approach and awareness of where your head is both for work and life in a very different way than I have experienced before. The “Snowglobe” effect and how to settle it is a key tool that I have in the back of my mind on a daily basis…you’ll have to ask Shane for the trick to calming it so I don’t give away his magic. I am still working with Shane and would recommend his guidance for busy professionals with high level responsibilities without hesitation.”

Gillian Higgins, VP of Production at Brown Bag Films

p3hotels-logo“Shane has a unique ability in helping me to see clarity when all around there is chaos. I have been working with Shane for over 3 years and his insight to the mind and how it works in relation to dealing with the daily challenges presented to a business owner has helped me overcome major difficulties. The best way to describe what Shane does, if you were swimming across an ocean, Shane will lift you out of the water on to a boat, let you see the horizon again, give you an energy drink and send you back in to the ocean to continue your swim with a renewed sense of purpose.”

Phelim Pekarr, CEO, P3 Hotels