Shane Cradock's Clarity Program (Evening Program)

Shane Cradock’s Clarity Program

Unlocking The Key To Better Results Through A Better Mind

This 6 Week Evening Program gives you a better understanding of your how your mind works so that you can improve your results through better clarity, reduced stress and improved confidence.


  • Improve performance in any field – business, sports, life
  • Improve your confidence
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Gain improved clarity that impacts on all areas of your life
  • Become much less reactive
  • Improve your focus, state of mind and clarity
  • Productive


The program is run over 6 evenings beginning in October 2018. All dates below.

  • Week 1: Wed 17th October
  • Week 2: Wed 24th October
  • Week 3: Wed 31st October
  • Week 4: Wed 07th November
  • Week 5: Wed 14th November
  • Week 6: Wed 21st November


  • Evening course for 1.5 hours per week
  • Online systems to help accountability and learning
  • Home-based activity with audio and video aids
  • Group workshop structure that also allows for 1 to 1 focus

Program Instructor

Shane Cradock has over 20 years experience across over 50 industries, helping top performers achieve dramatic results in their professional and personal lives. In that time, he has uncovered specific insights that can allow you to enjoy more effective results – in business and life, with less stress and much more clarity.

He also uncovered an approach that is easier and requires much less effort than most people realise. This is the main focus of The Clarity Program. You can get further information at


“I am hugely grateful to Shane for the positive changes in me and my life over the past 12 months. I did Tony Robbins’s Unleash the Power Within two years ago and while I found it amazing, the benefits didn’t last.

I then did Shane’s Clarity Program and have to say that a full year later I’m still getting massive benefits from his course and from the tools he taught us. I feel a lot more relaxed, much less reactive, my stress levels have reduced dramatically and my focus, state of mind and clarity have all improved tremendously.
As a result of the Clarity Program I have come away happier, healthier, calmer, better organised and a lot more productive in all that I do. I would encourage anyone who is feeling stressed, overwhelmed, under pressure or just in need of guidance and direction with their life to try one of Shane’s courses.”

– Liisa B., Previous Attendee of The Clarity Program

“The Clarity Program gives you the tools to change your life – in a very practical way. It gave me the feeling that I can now access untapped abilities I didn’t know I had, to use in my personal and business life – extra ‘power’ that I can use to help me achieve more. I found all of it beneficial, particularly the gradual building of habits over the 6 weeks and learning from Shane and all participants. I loved the course and feel that it has and will continue to have a very positive effect on me and those around me.”

– Heather Leeson, Director, Glenville Nutrition.

“I believe 99% of coaches don’t earn their keep, but in Shane you’ll find that elusive 1%. Shane’s philosophy that business and personal success are inextricably intertwined is one I totally agree with.”

 Richard Waring, CEO Millward Brown Ireland

“Working with Shane has helped me to gain more clarity and control over everything. His unique approach on the ‘inner game’ of business, in particular, has helped my focus and also improved our bottom line. His contribution has been invaluable.”

– Morgan Browne, CEO, Milner Browne Group

“Shane has a very unique approach that causes you to expand your thinking in a way that translates to an improved bottom line – business and personal. The value of the sessions together is immense.”

– Colm Kennedy, Founder, Vayu

Who’s It For?

  • Anyone looking to improve their clarity, state of mind and results in any field.
  • Business owners
  • Sports People
  • Executives

Fee: €595

Early-Bird Fee: €495 if paid before midnight 14th September.

Program Dates:

  • Week 1: Wed 17th October
  • Week 2: Wed 24th October
  • Week 3: Wed 31st October
  • Week 4: Wed 07th November
  • Week 5: Wed 14th November
  • Week 6: Wed 21st November