How To Do It In A World That’s Changing Faster Than Ever

What do you believe has the biggest impact on your life, health, career and business?

In a world that seems to be getting busier and noisier, you’d be forgiven for having given up on getting that elusive ‘balance’ – to have a successful career and a fulfilling personal life. Many people and as a result, companies, are suffering from mental and life congestion.


But it really doesn’t have to be that way.  The problem is that we now live in a different age but are working and living with habits that don’t work in the way they once used to.  And we need to learn new habits. Join me for an insightful and inspirational talk on powerful insights into helping you improve your life now – professional and personal.

Learn practical down to earth insights on what you can do immediately to improve your life, career and business.


Where: The Times Building, 11-12 D’Olier Street, Dublin 2

When: Thursday 23rd June 2016 from 19:00pm to 20:30pm.

Price: €27 pp
Discounts available for private clients and group bookings.



Some Things You Will Learn At This Evening Talk Include: 

  • How to improve your clarity and results
  • Powerful steps to improve your level of energy and state of mind
  • Why you can be ‘successful’ but still be miserable in life
  • Why information is not power
  • How to overcome self-doubt and build confidence
  • Why you have more control over your happiness than you realise
  • Why you can’t always trust your mind
  • How to inspire yourself in a meaningful way


“Shane spoke at our Annual Conference to nearly 200 delegates, and everyone in the room was hanging on to every last word. His passion for his subject comes through as he spoke, and he captivated our room of hungry restaurateurs and industry experts very well.”
~ Adrian Cummins, CEO, Restaurants Association of Ireland 


“The feedback we have received since your session was truly overwhelming. Such a positive reaction and what you said has really stuck with people. In fact there was one lady who had just been on a 2 day training course but she got much more out of your 2 hours!”
~ Karen Morton, Senior Executive, Dell 


“Working with Shane helped me to gain clarity on exactly what I wanted and gave me the courage to take some bold steps in creating the future I really wanted. 1 year on and I can honestly say that my life and career have completely jumped to the next level. Time spent with Shane has been a fantastic investment – business and personal.”
~ Georgina Coleman, Miu Miu Retail Director, PRADA North America 


“We recently asked Shane Cradock to present at one of our Customer Seminars, held in Croke Park. The event itself was attended by over 160 people. Shane was his usual informative, engaging and inspiring self. He touched on the personal, and made the audience sit up and listen. Highly recom- mended as a thought provoking speaker that really gives something of meaning to the audience. It made the day.”
~ Sally Poff, COO, Milner Browne 



Shane’s work is a blend of blend of entrepreneurialism, creativity and mind. 

He has over 16 years experience working with business leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, change-workers and private individuals.  A speaker, writer and playwright he is the author of two books, including ‘Inspire Me – Life Wisdom To Live By’ and his most recent play, ‘The Waiting Room’ was staged to great critical and audience reaction around Ireland.

He is a regular contributor to Irish media and has also written many articles for leading Irish news and business publications.

He sends out an inspirational email every Monday to people everywhere and further information can be obtained at his website:


What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

This event is being held in The IAA Conference Centre on D’Olier Street, Dublin City.

Travel and parking details are here: