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The Inner CEO Intensive

90 Day Private Program

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What is the biggest blind-spot you have as a leader?

Very often it’s your own success i.e. you keep doing what worked for you in the past.

But in today’s volatile and uncertain world, there is no guarantee that what worked before for you, will work today or in the future.

With so much change happening, it can be challenging to maintain clarity, confidence and creativity to adapt successfully.

A new way of working, leading and living has emerged which flips conventional thinking on it’s head. Most leaders work from the outside in, and the new world demands working from the inside out- which requires a more in-depth understanding of how we use our minds and how we build real self-awareness.

Indeed, future success is all about being able to manage your thoughts and emotions better.

Advance Your Self-Mastery

Accelerate your learning, development and awareness as a leader and person by working privately with me over 90 days.

I will share with you my experience and insights through my unique Inner CEOTM model, and customise a program that will allow you to experience more clarity, more enjoyment and more meaningful success.

Photo of New Zealand All Blacks rugby team.

The All-Blacks rugby team have this motto as one of the guiding principles of their high performance culture: Better people make better All Blacks.

I believe the same applies to becoming a better leader.

Central to that is self-mastery, which requires understanding how best to manage your inner world.

Typical Results Experienced Over The 90 Days:

  • Better and more consistent energy
  • Radically improved clarity of mind and direction
  • More effectiveness around what matters most
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • More peace of mind
  • Connection to a more authentic you
  • Higher levels of enjoyment and fulfilment
  • Improved resilience
  • Extra creativity

This service includes:

  • Customised call structure (min. twice monthly) to ensure progress
  • Access to unique tools, videos, audios to accelerate your learning
  • Unlimited access to me by email and phone during business hours, to ensure support for key projects. Many clients find this invaluable as it allows for a sounding board for various situations such as key meetings, pitches, high-value negotiations etc.

My Focus

I have worked with high achievers and leaders for over 20 years across over 50 industries. Many of them have won awards, managed dramatic business turnarounds, created millions, changed their careers, transformed their health, improved their relationships and even got the cover of TIME magazine.

But each client is unique and my job is to help you connect with and draw out the best version of you – as a leader and as a person. Often regardless of their levels of material success, many are dis-satisfied with their lives. My belief is that we can all create more meaningful success – that is a career that is true to our authentic selves and one that is

Central to that is how we manage and harness our inner worlds.

What Others Say:

Shane has a very unique approach that causes you to expand your thinking in a way that translates to an improved bottom line – business and personal. The value of the sessions together is immense.”

Colm Kennedy, Founder of Vayu (Now Naturgy Ireland)

Working with Shane has had a radical impact on my approach to business and life. I am much more aware of ‘The Inner CEO’ and how that practically translates to improved clarity, balance and perspective. I am still learning but the immediate impact of our work together resulted in greater productivity, clearer long-term thinking and a reminder of why I enjoy doing what I do.

Shane’s approach is very personal and customised to my needs – I hugely value his support.

Maria Cryan, Managing Director, Hume Brophy Ireland

Shane gave us, an experienced leadership team, the tools to take our capabilities to a much higher level, by energising that part of the mind, which we have paid little attention, until now. As we enter a phase of massive transformation in our business, the Mind Shift practices will enable us to change the game and the rules, under which we have played. He has truly unlocked our full potential!”

Luis Murguia, Senior VP and General Manager of SAP Business One Global

I believe 99% of coaches don’t earn their keep, but in Shane you’ll find that elusive 1%. Shane’s philosophy that business and personal success are inextricably intertwined is one I totally agree with.”

Richard Waring, CEO Millward Brown Ireland

Working with Shane has helped me to gain more clarity and control over everything. His unique approach on the ‘inner game’ of business in particular has helped my focus and also improved our bottom line. His contribution has been invaluable.”

Morgan Browne, CEO, Milner Browne Group (Enterpryze)

If interested:

I only have space for a small number of these at any one time and there may be a wait-list in operation, so please email Ellie at to check on availability.

An exploratory call will be set up to check for suitability and relevance, to ensure best fit.

The majority of conventional leadership and business knowledge can be learned anywhere in today’s digital world. But just because you know something intellectually doesn’t mean it translates into results.

All great leaders commit to self-mastery and central to that is how you work from the inside out.

Let me help you accelerate your inner journey.