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Inspire Me Book - Shane Cradock
‘Inspire Me’ is a book of practical wisdom, packed with great insights on how to live a more successful life.
There are 15 chapters ranging from Success, Business, Health, Relationships and much more.

Each chapter is designed to be read very quickly. You can read the book cover to cover or you can dip in and out as you want.A blend of quotes, stories, insights and challenges this book is one that has been born from real life experience.

There are hundreds of books that claim to help you live a better life, but there are few books that have so much useful information that covers so many different areas.

The intention behind ‘Inspire Me’ is that the words within it inspire you in whatever way you need and that it really makes a difference to your overall life.

It could well be the perfect gift for someone close to you or indeed for yourself – handy inspiration on tap, whenever you need it.

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If you don’t know Shane…
The Author – Shane Cradock’s work is a blend of entrepreneurialism, creativity and mind.

He has over 25 years business experience working across 50 industries as a coach and mentor to business leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, change-workers, sports people and private individuals.