Connect With Your Inner Compass And Shape A Better Future

“Leadership today is about unlearning management and relearning being human.”

Javier Pladevall, CEO of Audi Volkswagen, Spain.

There is a need for fundamental shifts of mind that will enable leaders to listen to realities that want to emerge in this world and acquire the courage to manifest them.

In 2016 McKinsey & Company revealed that in a study of more than 52,000 managers, 86 percent rated themselves as inspiring and good role models.  So far so good except that in the same year, a Gallup engagement survey found that 82 percent of employees see their leaders as ‘fundamentally uninspiring’. 

Indeed, the same survey found that only 13 percent of the global workforce is engaged, while 24 percent are actively disengaged.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to realise that “Heuston we have a problem”.

What’s The Opportunity?

Join me and like minded leaders from various industries for an exploration of what it means to be an effective leader in the 21st Century. 

Over 6 consecutive months, I will share my latest thinking on leadership and creating a better future for you and the people around you.  This will be done in a virtual format, and will also include a peer to peer learning aspect to accelerate your own development.

What’s The Format?

2 virtual meetings every month for 6 months

Meeting 1:  Learn new element of the LeaderShift model

Meeting 2:  Learn from your peer group

Online forum for connecting with fellow participants

Regular assignments

All meetings will be recorded and made available in an online area

Who Is It For?

Ideally you are an experienced leader at a senior level and your role may be one of the following:

If you’re unsure but interested, please fill out the application form and if needs be, we will connect with you for further information. Our primary focus is to ensure a best fit for you and the other attendees.

What Are The Expected Benefits?

  • Be challenged in a supportive environment to step up in your work and life
  • Develop skills to better navigate through uncertainty
  • Build a stronger network of like minded leaders internationally
  • Learn how to shape the future, and not merely respond to it
  • Save yourself stress and time by learning new ways of living, working and leading
  • Improve your ability to manage your state & energy more consistently

  • What Clients Say

    It was fantastic to spend time with like minded people that have the exact same issues as i have. I took the time to re-set and get my head straight, which I achieved. Shane was very relaxed, but also steered the group well through the whole weekend. A must for all Business Leaders!

    John Riordan, Director Of Support, Shopify Ireland – Re The Thrive Experience

    “With no expectations joining the session as we didn’t know the full agenda or details of those attending, I found it uplifting, revealing, inspirational, energising but mostly it was a lesson in self awareness and provided me with the tools I needed to reach the goals I aimed for in advance of the meeting. I hope to attend another one in the near future.”

    Una Dillon, Managing Director Europe, Merchant Risk Council

    Returning home after Thrive I felt a lot more alive and energised than I have done for some time. I felt like I was flatlining before the experience – going the motions of daily life without necessarily feeling fully engaged at times. Thrive has taught me how important it is to look after your personal wellbeing in order to ‘thrive’ in business. I would definitely recommend part-taking in Thrive if you need to get your mojo back!

    Tracey Moran, Director, Moran Red Cow Hotel Group

    “Go with an open mind and trust the process.”

    Susan Keating, HR Director, Teneo Ireland

    I absolutely loved the Thrive Experience and would highly recommend. A great blend of business and personal wellbeing. The experience helped reconnect with myself, refocus on my short and long term goals, what’s important in my life and mapping out how i’m getting there. I walked away feeling totally energized and inspired!

    Tara Kearns, Group HR Director, Clanwillian Group

    Thrive is a fantastic Mind Body & Soul, yet also fully business event. I left feeling inspired, charged and with a clear view of what my next steps were. Amazing experience!!

    Miriam Simon, Leading Growth Strategist

    Included In The Fee:

    Fee: €1,575 ex.Vat.


    1. Fee payable to confirm attendance.
    2. If the event has to be cancelled due to further Covid outbreaks, credit will be given another Thrive Experience or event/program run by Shane Cradock.

    Interested? Please Fill Out This Short Application Form

    Numbers are limited to ensure the best fit for everyone, and if interested you are asked to complete a short application form here.

    Please note that application does not guarantee attendance – We are not doing first come, first served for this event – the right mix of experience and personalities is key for a successful Thrive Experience. But we will come back to you quickly with an update and perhaps have a chat by phone to ensure this event is the best thing for you.

    Ideally you are an experienced business owner, entrepreneur, self-employed professional or senior executive with these attributes:

    If these characteristics describe you, we’d love to connect.

    Dates Don’t Work?

    Interested but can’t make this one because of the dates?  Please click on the button below and we’ll make sure you’re one of the first to know when next year’s dates are set.