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Susan Keating, HR Director, Teneo Ireland (home page slider)

“Shane’s “Inner Champions” virtual programme landed tangible results company-wide and resulted in better performance for our talented teams, along with an improvement in wellbeing during a challenging time.”  +56% PEC score – The average impact on Performance, Effectiveness and Clarity (PEC) over 7 weeks.

Paula Cassidy, COO, Enterpryze (home page)

Working with Shane has been a game changer for me – professionally and personally.  In a world, that is full of hype his approach is authentic, grounded in real experience and very customised.  He really challenges you to be the best version of yourself.”

Bill Walsh, CEO, Aspire

“This training helped to bring real clarity to my way of working. It helped to sharpen my thinking. I’d estimate a 50% impact on ability to get more of what matters done and 60% improvement in my clarity of mind. Other areas that benefited were my sleep, energy and communication with my team.”

Jannetje van Leeuwen – Homepage

In real figures, in the ten months since I first started working with Shane, my average sales have increased by a massive 183% and the margin by at least 10% due to the added value I can offer through increased focus and personal efficiency.