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Sunday Times Article

Below is the content of an article in The Sunday Times on Sunday 26th October 2014, featuring myself and a client, Morgan Browne from Intelligent Information Systems. ————————————————————————- More than a half-time team talk Coaches provide important advice and new focus for the bosses of SMEs After a year of deal-making and negotiation, Morgan Browne…

Inspire Me: Who Has The Oxygen Mask? – Randy Pausch

“Put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others.” – Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture I don’t believe this quote was created by Randy Pausch, but in searching for the creator his name came up against it a few times. I picked it this week because it’s a lesson learned for myself and for clients…

How To Dramatically Enhance Your Business And Life

“If a ship does not know which port it’s sailing to,
then no wind is favourable.”

In 2008, Dr. Gail Matthews of the Dominican University of California recruited 149 participants for a study on assessing the power of writing goals versus not.

The participants ranged in age from 23 to 72, with 37 males and 112 females.

Participants came from the United States, Belgium, England, India, Australia and Japan and included a variety of entrepreneurs, educators, healthcare professionals, artists, lawyers, bankers, marketers, human services providers, managers, vice presidents, directors of non-profits, etc.

The research confirmed the power of three things:

How To Get Beyond Limitations…

“There’s a few reasons why I don’t see it happening”

These were the words spoken by a smart woman I was working with a few years ago, in response to me asking if she thought she could ever be a CEO.

She was very convincing in her argument as to why she couldn’t get to the top spot.

But it turned out that despite her comments she actually had a huge desire to get to the role.

Should I Bother Setting Goals In 2013?

“I need the article within the next hour”. The call was from my PR advisor Valerie.  She’d asked me to prepare an article for a paper and the goal-posts had just shifted.  They wanted it this week.  In fact today.  Now! My mind got laser focused because of the pressure and what would normally have…

Interesting secret of Billion Dollar CEO

Here’s your shot of weekly inspiration: “Every morning when I wake up, I check for what’s in my head.  And before I get out of bed, I make sure I drop all of my opinions, because I’ve realised they won’t get me anywhere.” – Josh Stewart, CEO of X-Jet. Last Thursday I was lucky enough…

Real Results Means Saying No

“People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve
got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all.

Mental Stuff For Achievers/Leaders

Something I discovered 20 years ago that has served me well in achieving goals, enhancing focus and reducing stress/axiety was the power of relaxation – done in a certain way to activate your intuition and unconscious mind.   I’ve used this approach with private clients for many years and recently have been doing a lot more of…

Words From An Inspiring Business Woman

“I always trust my instinct.   Every time I don’t trust my instinct I go wrong.” – Shaa Wasmund Shaa Wasmund is a British business woman who has many strings to her bow some of which include:     •    Setting up the travel website, Deckchair, with Bob Geldof     •    Managing the PR that put…

Useful PR Tips For Anyone In Business

Before I was exposed to the real value of PR, I used to think of it as something ‘intangible’. What I’ve discovered is that when it’s done right, it has immense value. Yet many in business are not always clear about what to do to get the right result