With the arrival of smart phones and tablets we are now living in the Mobile Age, yet most people are still managing their time based on the Industrial Age model i.e. 9 to 5, based in a factory.


There is a new set of skills to be learned and this audio focused on 19 Habits that are proven to make a very positive impact on results.


Taken from the popular TimeShift workshop, which runs at €492 per person, this special audio teleconference for only €77, focuses on the 19 Habits that will boost your productivity and life.


Get high value content based on years of experience working with high performing entrepreneurs and executives, compressed into a 1 hour conference.


In this 1 hour tele-conference you will learn:


  • The top time habit that the best of my private clients always do (& most don’t)
  • Simple changes that can be immediately applied to great effect
  • What others do differently
  • How not to manage your email
We all have one thing in common – 24 hours in our day. Yet some are better at using their time than others. This audio explains 19 Habits that are essential to getting more out of your career and your life. Any one of the habits alone could add valuable time to your life that can be used for more meaningful activities.


What’s required is a shift in the way we look at the model of how we use our time. Technology was supposed to save us time, yet most people are tremendously busy these days and the phrase “There’s never enough time…” is more common place than ever.


But it doesn’t have to be.


If you are unable to attend the TimeShift workshop, this is a simple time-saving way of getting some of the most useful information from that game-changer training.


Roughly 1 hour of high value content that will help you to live a more productive and enjoyable life.


Note: This audio also includes a very useful self-assessment tool in pdf format.

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