Inspire Me 2nd Edition

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For anyone aged 9 to 90, this is a very simple yet thought-provoking read with one purpose: To Inspire you.

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More about Inspire Me 2nd Edition

‘Inspire Me’ is a book of practical wisdom, packed with great insights on how to live a successful life. There are 15 chapters ranging from Success to Health, Relationships to Wealth, each with 10 thought-provoking quotes along with a page of insight around how you may integrate the lesson of the quote into your life.

It’s one thing to read a quote and think ‘that’s interesting’ and it’s another thing to REALLY think about HOW TO USE the quotes wisdom in your life. With each nugget of information, there is a quote to emphasize the point that is being made. To really make it stick.

There are hundreds of books that can help you live a better life, but there are few books that have so much useful information that cover so many different areas.

Best of all, each chapter is designed to be read very quickly and is short and sweet. Or you can just pick it up and see what page randomly opens for you – very often you can get the message that’s directly relevant to you at that time.

The intention is that this book inspires you in whatever way you need and that the words within it really make a difference in your life. Who knows, in time maybe you’ll even start recording quotes that inspire you.