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Interview With Shane Cradock – Part 1: Breakdown, Breakthrough

Shane talks about 1. Who are the people he works with? 2. How a personal breakdown led him into this career and 3. What is different about his approach?

Interview with Shane Cradock – Part 2: The Top 3 Problems

Shane answers: 1. What are the top 3 problems you encounter with clients? 2. How do you approach a problem and 3. What’s the key piece to solving any problem?

Interview with Shane Cradock – Part 3: An Inspiring Success Story

Shane describes the rewards that come from his work, what motivates him and he talks about one client success story in particular that stands out for him.

Interview With Shane Cradock – Part 4: The Missing Piece In Business Today

Shane explains what he believes to be the missing piece in business and personal fulfillment.

Interview With Shane Cradock – Part 5: Support, Challenge & Innovation

Shane answers 2 questions: 1. What are the ways you help your clients? and 2. How do you challenge yourself? He also touches on what innovation means to him.