Hi, I'm Shane Cradock.

In my 20s, I went through a challenging mental period that provided me with profound insights into the nature of the human experience.

Since then, I’ve spent every year exploring our inner worlds. Over the last 25 years, I have helped ambitious people gain a more rounded version of success to achieve some truly significant results.

But my favourite thing is to help my clients radically improve their clarity, confidence and sense of control; bringing out their best in all areas.

I do this through traditional private and group mentoring/support, but also through my writing, online courses and the occasional left-of-field fun event.

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Out Now In All Formats!

The Inner CEO is the latest release from Shane Cradock and is out now to order in all formats. 

I Am Not A Business Coach

The current paradigm for success is very much an ‘additive’ approach 
i.e. we need to learn new knowledge to improve our performance.

My own experience has shown that this isn’t true. The reality is that taking a ‘subtractive’ approach is much more effective i.e. understanding how we block our innate ability to learn, succeed and be happy is more about unlearning the mental conditioning inside us. You can read more about this here.

Freebies & Resources

Freebies & Resources

The Book

Be one of the first to read Shane Cradock’s latest release, The Inner CEO. Available now in all formats; paperback, hardback, audio & Kindle.

The Pod

The Inner Edge Podcast offers a different take on how to lead and live a sustainable high-performance life.

Episodes released weekly.

The Blog

Started in 2016, Shane is dedicated to weekly blog posts sharing his observations and insights from the world around us all.

Success Is An Inside Job

I speak to a lot of ambitious, creative, motivated people in business who often have radically different concepts of what true success really is – and also what drives it. 

We can spend so much time and attention shaping the world around us and are surprised when feelings of frustration persist. Are you neglecting your inner world in favour of the outer?

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23 questions to help you gain more clarity and focus on what really matters most to you in the year ahead.

So Much More Than A Business Coach

Some People And Companies I’ve Helped

The Benefits of A Trusted Business Advisor

"6 months on and I continue to see and feel the benefits of the work with Shane. In many ways it has been priceless."
Steven McKenna
CEO, Sherry FitzGerald Group

More Clarity

An Independent Sounding Board


Radical Stress Reduction

Higher Levels of Sustainable Performance

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