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Do You Want To Inspire Your Audience?

As a podcaster, a trainer, a trusted CEO advisor, coach and a facilitator within often highly challenging group dynamics, I am passionate about communication and connection.
My experience has allowed me to sharpen my skills in public speaking and engaging audiences big and small. I deliver real-world insights based on the work I do with some of the most influential people in Irish business, which will leave your guests talking well after your event.

Stepping Outside My Own Comfort Zone

Stories are an incredible way to communicate important messages, and my passion for writing jumped a level when I set myself the goal of writing and producing a full-length play with a team of professionals.

Its name is The Waiting Room, an inspirational comedy, that is very much in line with my purpose: To help people make the most of their life.

It was a fantastic project to be involved in and all the more so because it was way outside my comfort zone. We had a superb team of professionals help create something amazing, that played to packed theatres around Ireland in 2014. We even managed to get some media attention nationally.
At times I honestly didn’t know how to keep the ‘show on the road’, because I was learning a new industry… but with a great team, we made it happen.
The Waiting Room is a play that is very much in line with my day-to-day work and has a very strong inspirational message at its core.


European Mentoring & Coaching Council

Professional Speaker’s Academy, UK

Society for The Advancement of Consulting

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