Work With Shane (Virtual)

Do You Want To Connect With Your Team, Despite Being Disconnected Physically?

I’ve been providing virtual events for the last two years but 2020 took it to a new level by creating innovation that really works. As a result, all of my keynotes and workshops are now available in a virtual format. I’m happy to assist in answering your questions with respect to putting on an effective virtual event.

Virtual Topics Include:

Leadership / High Performance

Purposeful Living

Creative Thinking

Work / Life Balance

Shifting Your Mindset

Ambitious Wellbeing

Virtual Courses Available:

BluePrint Personal

What difference do you think it would make to your business and life if you were even 20% clearer on where you’re going and why? What about 50% or even 100% clearer?! Here is the BluePrint to take you to clarity.

Leading Through Uncertainty

Over this hour, I’ll share with you insights and tactics that will help you navigate better through any dramatic period you and your team may be facing.

BluePrint Entrepreneur

This is a video series for entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business to the next level. This 14 video series comes complete with course workbook and the tools you need to not only complete the course with ease, but to put your learnings into action.

Strive Entrepreneur

This webinar is dedicated to entrepreneurs! Get ready to learn some powerful insights to help you unlock more, as well as staying tuned in to the opportunities that lie around you all the time.

Peak Performance For The 21st Century

Over the course of 60 minutes I will show you why the conventional formula for High Performance doesn’t work anymore and how you can change your approach and overhaul your outcomes.

5 Ways To Win Bigger

This 45 minute webinar gives you 5 meaningful, actionable ways that you can unlock more creativity and confidence.