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I’ve been doing virtual events for the last two years but 2020 took it to a new level. And it created innovation that works. As a result, all of my keynotes and workshops are now available in a virtual format. I’m happy to assist in answering your questions with respect to putting on an effective virtual event.

Having joined a virtual webinar by Shane on ‘jumpstarting your mind-set to lead better’, I invited Shane to do two virtual sessions with our senior management team. Our leaders have done a great job minding their people during the pandemic, whilst also focusing on transforming our business to achieve our long-term strategy, and Shane’s webinars at our half-year mark really struck a chord, challenged thinking, helped raise self-awareness, and provided practical steps on how to effect real change.

Priscilla O’Regan, Head Of Communications, BT Ireland

We had several experts run webinars for our organisation in 2020, and Shane’s were singled out repeatedly as being the best and most helpful.  People really connected with his approach, relatability and practical ways of getting better in challenging times.

Laura Reddy, Head of Customer Insights, Sherry FitzGerald Group

Shane’s “Inner Champions” virtual programme landed tangible results company-wide and resulted in better performance for our talented teams, along with an improvement in wellbeing during a challenging time.

Susan Keating, HR Director, Teneo Ireland

We had over 60 people online from four continents around the world and the response to Shane’s series of virtual workshops was fantastic.  He had more impact via Zoom than most ordinary speakers have in a physical event.

Paula Cassidy, COO, Enterpryze