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How I Help

I partner with ambitious entrepreneurs and senior leaders to transform their personal and business results.  

I do this by a focusing on a combination of factors that can be categorised as Internal and External.

But my sweet spot is on the Internal and in my experience, that is the area that I offer the most value and impact – because a very high % of your success is mental.  Yet most people don’t have an effective understanding or approach to this vital area of life and leadership.

Who I Work With

My clients are primarily ambitious CEOs, entrepreneurs, C-Level executives and top performers hungry for growth but also ambitious for a meaningful and enjoyable life.  I have over 20 years experience working with high performing leaders internationally, across over 50 industries.


Several of my clients have been finalists in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year Award, including Morgan Browne, CEO of Milner Browne, who I assisted in achieving a dramatic business turnaround, and Bill Walsh, CEO of Aspire Technology. Another client, Vayu, has grown from €30M Turnover to over €120M over 7 years and was recently sold as part of a planned 5 year exit strategy. The Apple online EMEA store was a client for 4 years as they re-invented their purpose, vision and culture. Sports clients include championship winning athletes.

All clients report personal benefits including reduced stress, improved clarity, focus and energy levels. This always impacts on their ability to be better in all aspects – personal and business.

My Business Philosophy

  • Leadership and real success is hugely mental. Yet most leaders don’t understand how to manage their own minds.

  • You can’t scale your business, if you don’t scale yourself.

  • All success has a structure. The trick is to understand your unique success structure.

  • Meaningful success can live with material success. But too many are unfortunately only chasing material success.

Examples of Companies I’ve Helped:

  • Corporate:  Apple, Work Human, Brown Thomas, Dell, Kantar Group, Prada, SAP, Vodafone, Ulster Bank, BT Ireland, Sherry Fitzgerald, and Teneo. 

  • Entrepreneurial/Creative:  Boodles, Inception Group, Louis Copelands &Son, Therapie Clinics, Unreal Candy, Ardale Developments, Vayu (Now Naturgy Ireland), Aspire Technology, Java Republic Coffee, Milner Browne/Enterpryze, Saba Restaurant Group, artist Chris Levine and musician Sharon Shannon.

  • Private:  I offer a premium service to select clients keen on accelerating their personal, professional and leadership development.  Discretion is a key part of this and I have been fortunate to work with high performing leaders in various fields internationally including founders, CEOs, sports athletes, actors, writers, TV presenters and influencers. 

If you ever want to connect, I can be reached at and if it’s appropriate I’m happy to do a 30 minute consultation call.


5 Things You May Not Know About Me:

1. I’m not a coach:  At least not in the typical sense, or that’s what I’m told in terms of my approach.  My job is to help you create or achieve what your version of success is.  I’ve discovered that a lot of conventional stuff is just a waste of time.  Key to everything is how you handle yourself from the inside out – and that is very personal to you.  

2.Hiking is a passion:  I’m fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful locations in Ireland, County Wicklow, which is also home to some incredible hikes, which I absolutely love.  There’s nothing like looking down on the lakes in Glendalough, with the cold air blowing on your face and your lungs heaving from the walk up the Spinc.

3.I’m a cat: Even though I now live in Ashford, Co.Wicklow with my wife, Judy, and two children, Jane and Sam – I’m originally from Kilkenny, which is home to the ‘cats’, one of the best hurling counties in the country.  (Definition of ‘hurling’ here for non-Irish people..)

4.I love to write:  I was average at english in school but uncovered a love for writing in my 20s that has grown ever since.  And over the last 20 years I’ve written a best-selling book, an award winning stage play (more on that below) and a weekly blog that goes out to thousands all over the world (That bit still amazes me).  I also have written lots that hasn’t seen the light of day…

5.I’m a corporate refugee:  I spent about 8 years working in the corporate world before realising that I had to escape.  Since then I’ve been fortunate to run my own businesses in various forms.  For what it’s worth, 70% of my clients are entrepreneurs and 30% are entrepreneurial minded corporate executives that I love to help.  (By the way, in terms of a male/female split with my clients, it’s pretty much 50/50).

The Standard Marketing Spiel:


I am a regular contributor to Irish media having appeared on Newstalk Radio, RTE Radio 1 (The Business) and RTE Television. I have also written articles for leading Irish publications including The Sunday Business Post and Business & Finance.  My work has been featured in The Irish Independent, The Sunday Times, The Sunday Independent, Silicon Republic


I have a lot of experience speaking at client events, seminars and conferences, including the Pendulum Summit in 2017, the largest Personal Development & Business event in Europe.

I am also a writer and an award winning playwright, and the author of two books, including ‘Inspire Me – Business And Life Wisdom To Live By.’ Since 2008, I have been writing a weekly inspirational email/blog for leaders, that is now read by thousands of every Monday.  


I’m a member of the SAC (Society for The Advancement of Consulting), the EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council) and the PSA (Professional Speaker’s Academy, UK).

That Stage Play…

Stories are an incredible way to communicate important messages, and my passion for writing jumped a level when I set myself the goal of writing and producing a full length play with a team of professionals.  It’s name is The Waiting Room, an inspirational comedy, that is very much in line with my purpose:  To help people make the most of their life.


It was a fantastic project to be involved in and all the more so because it was way outside my comfort zone.  We had a superb team of professionals help create something amazing, that played to packed theatres around Ireland in 2014.  We even managed to get some media attention nationally.

At times I honestly didn’t know how to keep the ‘show on the road’, because I was learning a new industry… but  with a great team we made it happen.  

Cast & Crew TWR Tour 2014

Backstage in Smock Alley on the last night of The Waiting Room’s 2014 Tour, Cast, Director and Producers.

The Waiting Room is a play that is very much in line with my day to day work and has a very strong inspirational message at it’s core.  You can watch the audience’s reaction below at the end of the play one of the nights in Dublin’s oldest theatre, Smock Alley Theatre.

Still Here…? Here’s A Little More.

My career began in Bord Na Mona in the very innovative New Business Development unit set up by Eddy O’Connor (who went on to found what is now known as SSE Airtricity, the pioneer of renewable energy in Ireland). I then moved to Pepsi-Cola International where I gained fantastic experience across the entire supply chain including Strategic Operations and Business Continuity, reporting directly to the Eur-Asia CEO.

Following a difficult personal crisis in my mid-20’s I became very interested in personal & professional development and all things mental and I sought out training from a variety of thought leaders internationally.  This training helped me to transform my personal and business life and I began teaching performance and achievement strategies in 1999 to the general public and sports people.   I’m particularly fascinated with the mind and I’ve have great opportunities to experiment, explore and expand my model – which I now call The Inner CEO.

I have set up 3 different companies since 2000 and have been working as a ‘solo-preneur’ since April 2008, working directly with a variety of clients, including Top 10 Fortune companies, household brand names and ambitious entrepreneur, executives and CEOs.

My work is based on the premise that all success has a structure – particularly mental – and when you understand that structure and practice it deliberately, great results can be achieved.

In my past life, I earned an honours degree in Bio-Chemical Engineering from University College Dublin and Chartered Status from the Institue of Engineers of Ireland.

Over my career I have researched and studied many areas obsessively.  Things like Neuro-Linguistic Progrmming, performance and achievement psychology, Learned Optimism, Psycho-Cybernetcis, Resilience, Mindfulness, Meditation, Hypnotherapy, CBT, Counselling, Neuro-Science, Neuro-Biology, Yoga, Qi-Jong, Martial Arts, Nutrition, Quantum Physics, and plenty of things on the woo-woo spectrum…(In my defence, one person’s obsessive is another person’s curious…)

But as I grew in experience, I realised something profound.  While all of those areas were useful, they were also very limiting.  And while I was able to help my clients achieve many great and often at first, impossible, things, something that stood out was this – often they wouldn’t be able to enjoy their success.  And I came to realise that they were also usually limited in their view of what was possible.  


What Clients Say

If you ever want to connect, I can be reached at and if appropriate, I’m happy to do a 30 complimentary minute consultation call.