About Shane

I’m Here To Help Your Transformation

I take a partnership approach with clients and my style is direct, honest and open. (I like to have a bit of fun too!)

While I have a significant amount of business experience, my sweet spot is on the inner or mental game and that is the area I offer the most value and impact – because a very high % of your success is mental.

There has been an explosion of all things ‘inner’ in the last 10 years but much of it is over-complicated.

I’ve been doing this for over 2 decades now and I know what’s BS and what works.

The Advisor I Always Wanted

My approach has always been to become the advisor and partner that I could never find for myself.

Someone who has my back has no agenda other than really supporting me in my pursuit of what I call True Success;  which is a more rounded, balanced and meaningful version of success.

This means being straight with you when others aren’t and helping you identify the blind-spots that are holding you back (everyone has them).

Day to day, my clients are primarily ambitious CEOs, entrepreneurs, C-Level executives and top performers hungry for growth but also ambitious for a meaningful and enjoyable life. I’ve also worked with top sports people, writers, students, educators and people keen on ‘better’.

I have over 20 years experience working with high performing leaders internationally, across over 50 industries.

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I Understand You Want Tangible Results

Several of my clients have been finalists in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year Award, including Morgan Browne, CEO of Milner Browne, who I assisted in achieving a dramatic business turnaround, and Bill Walsh, CEO of Aspire Technology. Another client, Vayu, has grown from €30M Turnover to over €120M over 7 years and was recently sold as part of a planned 5 year exit strategy. The Apple online EMEA store was a client for 4 years as they re-invented their purpose, vision and culture. Sports clients include championship winning athletes.
All clients report personal benefits including reduced stress, improved clarity, focus and energy levels. This always impacts on their ability to be better in all aspects – personal and business.

My clients over 20 years have been from over 60 industries and include entrepreneurial organisations like Aspire Technology, Therapie Clinics, ThinScale Technology, Sidero, Enterpryze, Unreal Candy, Saba Restaurants and the Inception Group. 

Corporate clients have included Apple, Dell, Pfizer, Prada and Kantar Milward Browne. Sports clients include championship-winning athletes.

All clients report personal benefits including reduced stress, improved clarity, focus and energy levels. This always impacts their ability to be better in all aspects – personal and business.

It is my belief that great leadership and real meaningful success are hugely dependent on the inner side, yet most leaders don’t understand how to manage their own minds. Meaningful success can live with material success but too many are unfortunately only chasing material success.

5 Things You May Not Know About Me:

I’m not a coach

At least not in the typical sense, or that’s what I’m told in terms of my approach. My job is to help you create or achieve what your version of success is. I’ve discovered that a lot of conventional stuff is just a waste of time. The key to everything is how you handle yourself from the inside out – and that is very personal to you.

I’m a corporate refugee

I spent about 8 years working in the corporate world before realising that I had to escape. Since then I’ve been fortunate to run my own businesses in various forms. For what it’s worth, 70% of my clients are entrepreneurs and 30% are entrepreneurial-minded corporate executives that I love to help. (By the way, in terms of a male/female split with my clients, it’s pretty much 50/50).

I’m a cat

Even though I now live in Ashford, Co.Wicklow with my wife, Judy, and two children, Jane and Sam – I’m originally from Kilkenny, which is home to the ‘cats’, one of the best hurling counties in the country. (Definition of ‘hurling’ here for non-Irish people..)

I love to write:

I was average at English in school but uncovered a love for writing in my 20s that has grown ever since. And over the last 20 years, I’ve written a best-selling book, an award-winning stage play (more on that below) and a weekly blog that goes out to thousands all over the world (That bit still amazes me). I also have written lots that haven’t seen the light of day…

Hiking is a passion

I’m fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful locations in Ireland, County Wicklow, which is also home to some incredible hikes, which I absolutely love. There’s nothing like looking down on the lakes in Glendalough, with the cold air blowing on your face and your lungs heaving from the walk up the Spinc.

All success has a structure.
The trick is to understand your unique success structure.

Stepping Outside My Own Comfort Zone

Stories are an incredible way to communicate important messages, and my passion for writing jumped a level when I set myself the goal of writing and producing a full-length play with a team of professionals. Its name is The Waiting Room, an inspirational comedy, that is very much in line with my purpose: To help people make the most of their life.

It was a fantastic project to be involved in and all the more so because it was way outside my comfort zone. We had a superb team of professionals help create something amazing, that played to packed theatres around Ireland in 2014. We even managed to get some media attention nationally.

At times I honestly didn’t know how to keep the ‘show on the road’, because I was learning a new industry… but with a great team, we made it happen. The Waiting Room is a play that is very much in line with my day-to-day work and has a very strong inspirational message at its core.

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