I work with a wide range of people. My private work is typically with business owners and CEOs of entrepreneurial companies. I also work with some executives in larger organisations and occasionally with sports people.

My group programs and events attract a wide range of people including writers, artists, influencers, business leaders and people keen on doing the work that matters most i.e. developing themselves from within.

Typically the reason people come to me isn’t really where we end up.

Maybe they feel stuck, haven’t the clarity they want, or aren’t getting the results they want. Perhaps they have taken on their ‘Impossible Dream’ and are secretly nervous about the coming time and need expert support to accelerate their development. Or sometimes it’s because they feel lost despite looking successful and are trying to create a more authentic life.

It took me many years and a lot of pain in my own life to realise that there really is only one problem – and that is a lack of understanding of how we work from the inside out. It affects how we think, how we lead, work and live. And it’s the reason that it’s at the centre of my approach.

Depending on the time of year, there can be a waiting list in operation for private work. Group programs run throughout the year.

With private clients, I don’t charge by the hour because I don’t believe it’s ethical and incentivises the wrong behaviour i.e. lack of speed!

The starting point for private work is usually my Clarity Experience which is a process that runs over 3-4 weeks and is a fixed fee of €4,000 ex.Vat. Details can be made available following a consultation session.

If following this process we both identify further work to be done my approach is to offer a fixed fee agreement which reflects a dramatic return on your investment and is a fair return for me.

I also provide a wide range of programs and events for groups which are open to anyone. These get great results and are highly enjoyable, as you get to connect with like-minded people (something that is usually under-appreciated).

The 3 best ways to check out my approach before connecting I think is to:

  1. Listen to some of the episodes on my podcast The Inner Edge
  2. Sign up to my mailing list – you get access to free videos, will be kept up to date with what I’m doing and will get access to my weekly Monday Morning post (which has been going for 14 years) 
  3. Check out some of the courses and talk recordings on my Academy page here. 

Yes to both but I generally will seek to work with the leader first to ensure we are a fit and to show them how quickly positive results can be achieved.

Yes to both. I sometimes speak at events, sometimes run my own and am experienced at giving keynotes for various conferences and private events.

Please send an email to my assistant at support@shanecradock.com and they will be in touch about setting up a consultation session. You will be asked to complete an enquiry form before that session is confirmed.