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I’ve been helping clients achieve great results since 2000. Many have added millions to their bottom lines. Others have improved their quality of lives, levels of fulfilment and improved personal confidence.  One even managed to get the cover of TIME magazine. (But to be fair, this is pretty unusual and exceptional!)

Results will vary depending on where you are, what your goals are and also on how much work you’re willing to put in. My philosophy is based on the principle that if you’re looking to improve your career or business life, you also need to look at your personal life – and in particular what is going on inside you.  That is where the real opportunities are, and my experience proves it.

Apart from specific goals being achieved, the most common benefits for clients also includes the following:

I’ve asked a few clients to give an honest appraisal of where they have seen the most value and impact of my help. I’d like to point out two distinct areas before you read their comments:

1. The tools of my work vary from client to client.

I see myself as your adviser and partner in achieving success.  How we get there will vary from client to client. But I only work with people I 100% believe in.

2. Relationships with my clients are everything.

I’m very lucky to work with people who have recognised that in order to genuinely lead others, they must first work on themselves and it’s very much a partnership approach.  I’m very inspired by my clients and they make me up my game because of their continued commitment to self-growth, the performance of their teams, and to finding ways of using their businesses as vehicles to make a difference in the world.

Case Studies

CEO Support, Assets of over €1Billion


This client was new to their CEO role and took over the running of the family business at a very turbulent stage.   The CEO was on a very steep learning curve and had to deal with multiple high level challenges including complex negotiations in a legal dispute worth hundreds of millions.  She asked for help in protecting her mindset, getting and sustaining clarity and aggressively ups killing in key CEO skills.


A 1 to 1 customised approach was agreed which included open access to allow for phone support at any time.  This proved critical due to the high volatility and uncertainty of the business situation.


Over several years the CEO achieved several goals that when we started seemed impossible including:

Client Comments:

“When I went to Shane I had incredible business pressure, a lack of focus and no strategy. Today I am very focused even with the huge workload I have.  

I am achieving my goals and have a long term and short term strategy.  Shane was able to get me focused and look for clear priorities when I felt I was sitting in the middle a range of over-whelming issues. I found the mental aspect really focused me and it’s of huge value to have the trusted support of someone outside my work circle to bounce issues off.  

Shane always makes himself available and has being a great support during challenging times.  I see him as my secret weapon and I would highly recommend him, speaking as someone who has reaped the reaped the immense rewards of his services.”


Business Owner/Chief Executive, Turnaround To Rapid Growth Client: Morgan Browne, CEO IIS Group, 


Morgan Browne

Client Comments:

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