Accelerate Your Growth – Improve Your Results – Enjoy More Of Your Life

The value of support from like-minded leaders who ‘get you’.

The Inner Circle (TIC) is a private membership forum hosted by myself. It brings experienced and like-minded leaders together to help each other grow – personally and professionally.

The Inner Circle means you can surround yourself with the right people and share insights and inspiration to overcome the challenges of leading and finding meaningful success in this busy and complex world. Help each other stay clear on what matters most and navigate ‘the river of life’.

Benefits Of Membership include:

Tangible Results and far more

Accessing the know-how and support of the Inner Circle means better sales, growth and profit. But Members say the less quantifiable results are just as valuable. These include making connections and relationships for life and redesigning businesses to suit personal lives. Members report a better state of mind, and feelings of clarity and purpose, which impact on every aspect of life, from health to personal relationships. The Inner Circle helps with awareness of the ‘inner game’ from which other great results flow.

There will be 3 primary elements within The Inner Circle:

  1. Peer Support: Leverage others’ contacts, experience, ideas and encouragement
  2. My Support: Learn from my 20 years’ experience across over 50 industries
  3. Structured Strategic Time: To re-set, re-focus and re-energise

Key Elements:

Each day will have common elements such as:

  1. Education from me on a topic;
  2. Support Time: Where members can present a goal or challenge that they would like ideas or input from the group on;
  3. Strategic Time: Where  you get an active opportunity to work ‘on’ the bigger picture of your life and business, in a way that lines up with your values and meaningful vision.

The Inner CEO:

Uniquely, this forum gives you access to some of my IP on ‘The Inner CEO’ – which has been created from my 20+ years of experience working with top performers on the inner dimension of success. This IP has helped many leaders to significantly enhance their results in work and life – and it’s the key to improving your sense of clarity, confidence and fulfilment.

An attendee in a current group said: “The difference between me this year and last year is like looking back at a different person. I’m so much better in myself and I can’t believe how that has rippled positively into my business and life. It’s like night and day.

Meeting Dates:

If there is enough definite interest in joining The Inner Circle, a full calendar of dates will be set. The kick off session will be in Q1 and from there we will set dates for the remainder of the year. Meetings are usually 7-9 weeks apart throughout the year. We usually gather on a Monday evening for dinner with the session on a Tuesday.


The Inner Circle is invitation only to ensure the best fit for participants. All members are experienced leaders from different industries. In a world of increasing disruption, this diversity is of massive value as different perspectives challenge your own thinking and leadership model.


This is an open, energised, growth-minded forum, and the return on investment here is high and ongoing – think lasting relationships, sharper business thinking, and a more meaningful take on work and life.

Numbers are limited for this group and depending on interest, it will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. So if there is interest, please let me know soon as I’d like to be making decisions in the coming weeks.


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