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“Inspire Me” Life Wisdom To Pass On is a not just a book of quotes. Really, it’s a book of stories, insights and real life experiences that all have one objective in common – to inspire you.

Born from my weekly Inspire Me email series, the seeds for this book have been sown since 2008. That’s when I started delivering a weekly text-only email to thousands of people – just like you – around the globe. 

This book is not intended to be read in one sitting. It is to become your dog-eared, red-penned source of inspiration during those times where you need to step outside yourself. 

Indeed, it’s intended to be shared.

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Praise For Inspire Me

This book never leaves my bedside table!
You can always count on it for inspiration on all kinds of topics. I'm a regular journaler and will often read a page or two in "Inspire Me" to inspire me! The quotes and stories are spread across a varied range of topics from health, to business, to relationships etc. and really cause me to pause and consider. In fact I find this book of such value that I have gifted it to numerous friends.
Timeless source of motivation & inspiration
This book is a permanent fixture in my office and when I need to take 10 and decompress it is my first port of call. If you journal, it can also be a source of inspiration for writing prompts or a way to challenge an unhelpful mindset. Great book to give as a gift too
I love this book, I keep it on my coffee table and every time and every time I need some inspiration I read a chapter.
It Does What It Says On The Tin
Inspire Me by Shane Cradock is packed full of goodness. Containing fifteen chapters each with ten thought proving quotes. Topics are many and varied and include health, relationships, success, wealth. Chapters are designed for easy comprehension. Each nugget of information is emphasized with an appropriate quote. The benefits come in various guises. Peruse at leisure and become immersed in a cornucopia of delight. Random selection guarantees relevant and thought provoking encounters. With this book Shane Cradock set out to inspire, suffice to say "it does what it says on the tin."
It will inspire you!
I love this book. It can be read as a normal book from start to finish or by re-read by simply opening a random page and reading the quote on the page. The format is great and makes it very easy to digest; on the left page is a really good quote and on the right page opposite to that the author uses his excellent insights to suggest how the quote can apply to your life and be of use to you.

Meet Shane Cradock

As an advisor and coach with more than 20 years of experience, I specialise in helping ambitious CEOs, entrepreneurs, and top performers unlock their full potential. 
I’ve worked across more than 50 industries and with leaders all over the world. 
Some of my clients have achieved remarkable successes, including finalists for the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. 
I’m also a passionate writer and playwright who believes in the power of stories to inspire and motivate people of all ages.