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[su_column size=”2/3″][su_spacer]As a thank you for your support, I’m giving you the opportunity to access my unique online planning workshop, BluePrint Online.

Use a proven process to get real clarity and focus on what really matters to you – personal and professional, in the context of a 3 year vision.

Normally valued at €97, it’s yours today for 50% off (€48.50)

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“It gave me time to think and plan my year; helped crystallise my thoughts. My mind was opened to new areas and possibilities and I have a more positive mindset as a result.”
Karen M, Senior Marketing Executive


About Shane
Shane has over 20 years experience across over 50 industries helping people transform their careers, businesses and lives.

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More info on BluePrint Online

Most people know the value of taking time out to think, plan and prioritise, but despite this, not everyone takes the time to do it – or indeed knows the most effective way of doing it.

BluePrint Online is a unique and successful online workshop that helps you gain clarity, motivation and focus, using a proven method. Designed by a leading coach and facilitator, and run for hundreds of people over the past 7 years, BluePrint is now available online.

Wouldn’t you agree that it’s probably more vital than ever to be clear on what your priorities are? In today’s fast changing and noisy world, Clarity is perhaps the ultimate advantage.[/su_column][su_column size=”1/2″ class=”testimonials”]



“It made clear that I need to take my focus off the minor stuff and focus more on the bigger picture – and what that looked like.”
Louis, Business Owner


“I believe 99% of business coaches don’t earn their keep, but in Shane you’ll find that elusive 1%. Shane’s philosophy that business and personal success are inextricably intertwined is one I totally agree with.”
Richard W, CEO.