29 Years Of Suffering Released – Galway & Game Of Thrones

“Mad sport. It’s a bit Games Of Thrones innnit?” 


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“Mad sport. It’s a bit Games Of Thrones innnit?” 

– English guy in pub watching hurling match

This email is for my father.

If you’re not Irish you may not know that yesterday, the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship Final took place.

It’s like the Superbowl for Ireland’s unique sport, Hurling.

Hurling is a game between 15 players on each side. They hit a small ball and each other, around a field with wooden sticks – so the Game Of Thrones analogy is quite accurate!

The final was between Galway and Waterford, with Galway ending a 29 year drought to lift the McCarthy Cup.

My Dad is a proud Galway man who has spent most of his working life in Kilkenny (the all-time leading winners of the trophy), so you can imagine the challenges there with his friends!

His health hasn’t been the best over the last few years and Galway’s performances in recent times hasn’t helped his mood or outlook. But still he has been the eternal, and maybe hopeful, optimist.

But that changed yesterday with the win over Waterford – 29 years of suffering released.

Something to consider:

Never give up on your dream, vision or passion. Galway have shown the power of determination and persistence.




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