3 Great Questions For Control


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Here’s a twist on your weekly inspiration:

3 Questions I find very insightful, that you can ask yourself or others to help improve any given situation:

1. What don’t I control here?

2. What have I been trying to control?

3. What could I control that I have not?

Answering 1., can be very humbling as you realise that there’s a lot you’re not in control of and will also help identify what not to get stressed about.

Answering 2., will highlight areas that putting energy into will probably work against your success e.g. if they don’t accept my idea immediately, just ‘force’ it through.

Answering 3.,  will highlight possible action areas and usually also shows a large chunk ofmindset issues for yourself, that you can work on immediately i.e. controlling my reaction, my attitude, my behaviour etc.

In my experience, much of the resistance to change comes from trying to overcontrol people or a situation.

The result is a lack of real control over your desired outcomes.

When you’re clear on what you can control and what you can’t, it allows you make better decisiions on how best to move forward.

Food for thought.

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