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A Great Question For This Time Of Year

What’s the worse that can happen, and can I live with it?

I love great questions. Like great quotes, I actually collect them as a hobby (I know, I know – get a life etc. 🙂 )

The above question is one that I believe is well known but not well used.  This question is a great one to ask yourself when faced with key decisions to make. For example:

– Starting a new business
– Ending a business
– Changing role or career
– Moving city or country
– Learning a new skill
– Seeking help/assistance
– Hiring someone
– Firing someone!
– Taking up a new hobby
– Writing a book or writing anything
– Anything that makes you a little nervous…

Once you’re okay with the worst that can happen, it’s easier to take next steps. Often we inflate the risks of decisions or new roads in our minds until they become ‘everest’ scale problems instead of minor setbacks – a setback being impermanent!

So I encourage you to look at the goals you’d really like to achieve this year, ask the above question and write down the answers on paper.   It will help you make better decisions faster.  If you can’t live with it, then drop it. If you can, take a next step.  And keep moving.

Reminder on upcoming events:

BluePrint 2015:  
1 Day Workshop To Get Clarity On The Year Ahead
– Friday 23rd January.
When was the last time you took some time out just for you?  My annual planning and learning day is a powerful event facilitated by me to help improve your clarity, give you inspiration and and also enhance your personal development.

Fee: €227
Venue: Glenview Hotel, Kilmacanogue off N11.
Full details and booking here.
KickStart 2015:
4 Evening Workshops Over 8 Weeks
To give you momentum in the first quarter – Starts Wed 28th January.

Myself and leading well-being expert, Adam Kelly, ran this evening workshop forum last year to great effect.  It’s 4 evenings run over 2 months all with the focus of giving you momentum on your key goals, helping you stay focused and be inspired by others making positive changes in their work and lives.

Fee:  €240 from 10th Jan.
Venue: Glenview Hotel, Kilmacanogue off N11.
Full details, evening dates and booking here

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