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Acting In The Face Of Fear

“The best heroes in the world are the reluctant ones.

Courage isn’t fearlessness.

It’s acting in the face of fear.”

– Tess Gerritsen

I used to envy people who I thought didn’t experience fear.
But that was an untrue assumption.

I’ve since discovered that people who have achieved or created remarkable things experience fear in the same way as everyone else – they just choose to take action regardless.

I really admire anyone who chooses to ‘go into battle’ despite their inner demons or doubts.
And the interesting thing I’ve discovered, is that regardless of rank, role or title everyone of us has that same inner choice daily.

The choice of whether we will step onto that field and act in the face of fear.

Will I take the actions that I know are most important?
Will I do the thing that scares me today?
Will I say what I really feel?
Will I start that project before waiting for the ‘perfect’ time?
Will I face my inner world?
Where can you apply that this week?


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