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“A wise man once said nothing”
– Will Ferrell (American actor and comedian)

Have you ever had a moment where you opened  your mouth and said something that you immediately
regretted? We all have.

But maybe there’s times we don’t regret but we actually should say nothing…

There is no doubt that in my mind that we all need to  share the truth – sometimes the brutal truth. But there is also a time to say nothing.

And on reflection, I’m often most impressed by my clients  (mostly entrepreneurs and senior executives) when they  exhibit that rare skill of knowing when to say nothing. And I believe it applies to business and life in general.

Some possible examples:

– Knowing the answer but letting someone figure it out themselves so that they can grow and ‘own it’
– Letting someone have a moment to shine
– Letting others think it was their idea…
– Staying silent, to let the truth come out.
– Saying nothing to let my wife believe she is in charge…:)  (she reads this email by the way, so I’m in trouble)

One of the things I’ve heard about Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, is that  he has an uncommon ability to use silence to his advantage.

Silence is one thing. Deliberately choosing to say nothing is another.  And it’s a rare skill. And one worth developing. Consider if it’s worth putting on your radar this week as something to watch more  in yourself..