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Are You On Energy Saving Mode?

“I’m not lazy.  I’m on energy saving mode.”
– Anonymous

Here’s a thought..

Your energy is worth money and fulfilment.

Think about it.  When your energy is good the following usually result:

– Your outlook is positive
– Your communication is better
– You see solutions to problems
– You brush negativity off quicker
– You look to the bigger future
– You’re happier and more enthusiastic

All of the above affect your ability to earn, to make profit and to be fulfilled.
Ever notice how you see a problem differently after a good nights sleep?
Better energy affects your outlook.

Many different factors affect your energy and in my experience,
most of them are pretty simple.

Take the people around you for example.

Who you spend time with affects your energy.
People are either energy chargers or energy sappers i.e. + or –

So what are the people around you like?  
Are they the right energy for you? For your team/business?
For your personal life?
Are they + or -?

Worth thinking about because the right energy is worth money and fulfilment.

ps – Of course, a key question is how do others see your energy?!

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