Are You Stress Testing Your Opinions?


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“The difference between a fact and an opinion is,  an opinion is what you think.  A fact is what I think.”
– Anonymous

I think we can all be a little guilty of the above – some more than others.   But if you want to achieve your goals in business and
life, the opinions of others are vital.

The ‘gold nuggets’ for our work and personal lives often lie in being open to the opinions of others.   It’s impossible for any one person to know it all.   It’s impossible for any one person to be right all of the time.

The trick, I believe, to finding opinions worth listening to is having the ‘right people’ around you.  If they’re the right people (experienced, competent, honest, trustworthy, loyal) then their opinion is always worth considering – especially if it conflicts with your own.  Out of that friction usually comes an idea, insight or piece of information of value – but only if we’re open to going into
that friction… a little bit like the Awkward email sent last week.

“The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.”
– Leonardo da Vinci

So are you stress testing your opinions?  Are you really open to it? If you’re in an environment where everyone is agreeing with you,or worse, keeping their opinions to themselves maybe it’s worth considering?