Are You Trying To Please People?


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“I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.”
– Bill Cosby

One of the insights I’ve learned from working with people over the years is how ‘approval’ works it’s way into our decision making – usually unconsciously.

For example:

– Looking to ‘succeed’ in my field as an attempt to get respect from the one person
who has never given it to me…

– Compromising on what I really want to do because I fear what others will think, do or say if  I do it the way I really want to…

– Stalling my decision making because I’m trying to anticipate what a certain person ‘wants’ me to do….

– Keeping my mouth shut when my boss is saying somethingI fundamentally disagree with,even though every cell in my body wants me to speak up…

Bill Cosby’s quote is as insightful as it is funny.  I think he’s hit on a universal truth that packs a punch if you let it.   Because in my experience, most people have at least 1 area in their professional or personal lives where they’re not really doing what they want – for fear of not pleasing others.

Not easy to admit, or to step into to – but then again, anything of real value never is. How okay are you with not being ‘pleasing’ to everyone?  What could be an area where you’re compromising yourself?
Food for thought.