Average US Worker Has 50 Interruptions A Day… And The Rest!


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“The average American worker has fifty interruptions a day, of which seventy percent have nothing to do with work.”

– W. Edwards Deming  (Pioneer in continuous improvement movement)

When Mr. Deming made this comment I’d say he wouldn’t have imagined what email and the internet would do to the number of interruptions the average person can experience a day.

How many interruptions do you think you have a day? And how many are to do with your top 20% priorities? (i.e. the 20% that get you 80% of the results)

If you’re not sure, it’s well worth tracking it for a day or a week. You’ll probably get a shock like most people I work with.

We all have to deal with interruptions  But do we all have a strategy for dealing with them?

We’ll blame others for interrupting butin reality, there are ways to manage these interruptions better on our side.

I regularly hear a comment from clever business people along the lines of “I was flying to the UK last week and I couldn’t believe the amount of work I got through in 1 day”.

Usually, this is because they can focus on work withoutbeing interrupted. (no calls, email, walk ins or internet surfing)

What if you could make more of your days like this? How much impact could you really make then? & What can you change about your work environment to make it happen?

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Food for thought…

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