Be Your Own Obama


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There is no doubting now that we are in the midst of unprecedented change on a global level.

The financial structure of the world has been shaken up and as a result the social structureis sure to be affected over the coming years.

From a business point of view, it’s easy to be distracted – to lose hope, particularly when sales are impacted.

Many people in times of economic downturn panic. Panic leads to poor decisions.

Up to date, reliable information leads to sound decisions.

Now is the time to ensure you’re getting accurate and up to date financial information – daily, weekly & monthly. If you don’t have it, it;s like driving in the dark with no headlights – ur asking for trouble.

Now is the time to tough but fair about your overheads – in good times, overheads can get out of control, without feeling the pain. When challenging times arrive, one of the benefits is that you learn how to manage with a leaner machine. Tough decisions sometimes have to be made that affect others, but if it’s done with integrity and a view of the bigger picture, it’ll work out for everyone. Not easy, but it’ll work out.

Now is the time to re-connect with what your ‘vision of the future’ is – maybe now is the time to review every area of your business from a profitability point of view and make changes based on your vision for where you and the business want to go.

I read David McWilliams Blog recently about needing our own Obama for change.

I think it’s very true – but right now, we don’t have it. We can and are inspired by Barak Obama

and his message of hope and change. But he’s not over here and some of the decisions he makes

may have a big impact on the jobs and businesses here.

But in the absence of our own Obama, I suggest you become your own Obama, and

be the one who creates a vision of hope for your staff, customers and suppliers.

Be the one saying ‘Yes, everything is going to be okay. We’ll have to make changes but we can do it’.

Everyone needs to be inspired, and as we’ve seen in the recent US election, people all over the world need and want inspiration.

History will show how Obama does with the challenges he faces.

But at least he can’t do any worse than the President he takes over from.

And right now, the world needs a few more Obama’s than ever before.

All the best,


ps – if you haven’t seen it, here’s a few minutes from Obama’s victory speech.