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Being Beach Ready Vs. Life Ready

“Your body has to be in top condition. Your chess deteriorates
as your body does. You can’t separate body from mind.”
-Bobby Fischer


This is the season when advertisers try to ‘guilt’ us into
buying their products and services for being ‘beach ready’.
And in the UK and Ireland there has been a backlash
to some of the new ads.


Maybe we should be looking more at being ‘Life-Ready’?

I find it fascinating that someone like Bobby Fischer would
say something like the above quote.  In case you don’t know, he
was an American chess prodigy and many consider him the
greatest chess player of all time.

Chess at the highest levels demands huge mental capacity.

Yet here he emphasises the critical importance of the physical,
because you ‘can’t separate body from mind.’

Yet how many times do I hear with clients, ‘I’ll look after myself
physically, when I have more time.’  And that rarely ever happens.

Today, in the information age, the tool of creation is your mind.

And if you want a serious advantage in any field, maybe
you could look to your physical health.


Forget about having toned abs, and maybe focus on just having
better health. Because being life-ready is way more important
than being beach ready.

Most people will agree with this logically, but unless they’re
actually doing it in their week, it’s meaningless.

Food for thought.

How To Get A 50% Jump In Your Effectiveness & Work Satisfaction
Maybe like a lot of people you feel like there just aren’t
enough hours in the day to get everything done.

Or perhaps you feel you’re continuously busy
but are not progressing the way you want
on the things that really matter most.

I believe that so much time and effort is wasted in business
down to people not understanding how to manage themselves
more effectively.

As Stephen Covey said
“Time management is a misnomer the challenge is to manage ourselves.”

There is something I do that I want to flag to you
because it really does make a massive difference.

One of my training workshops is called ‘TimeShift – How To Dramatically
Boost Your Effectiveness, Mindset And Life.’

It teaches you a different way of working and living to most people
that has a massive impact on how you work, think and live.

3 weeks into the current workshop and participants
have already reported an average increase in effectiveness of 50%.


This is not marketing hype – some of the results are better than that.

Imagine what that will do to the bottom line of those
people and the companies they’re in over time?

If you’re working in or close to Dublin, this may be of interest
to you.  The next TimeShift workshop starts on Wed 20th May
in Dublin city centre.  It runs over 3 morning workshops to build a priceless habit.

All details are here.

None of us can get our time back when it’s gone, but it you’re not
happy after the first day of this workshop, I’ll give you your money back.


ps – If you can’t make the workshop, this audio training will get you started in a very
meaningful way.

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