The Best (But Hardest) Success Tip…

“No man has the ability to step outside the shadow of his own character.”


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“No man has the ability to step outside the shadow of his own character.” 

– Robespierre 

It has been my experience that the people who succeed the most in business and in life are those who continuously work on one thing.

And the one thing may surprise you.

It’s not…:

  • Getting more qualifications
  • Learning new techniques
  • Building new networks
  • Learning new skills
  • Finding a new vision
  • Reading about the latest success tips through social media…

All of these can be useful but they will not be the ultimate determiner of your success.

The one thing is…

putting in the work on becoming a better person.

I’ve met very few decent, good and hard working people who fail as professionals.

I remember meeting a ‘coach’ who wanted me to help them with some mentoring. He had more initials after his name that I will ever have. Yet he couldn’t make his business work. After a little bit of time with him I could see why.

The guy was insincere, inauthentic and false. You can imagine how that feedback went down…:)

He was looking for techniques and tricks but he wasn’t prepared to at least look at himself in the mirror and do the hard work of getting better as a person.

When you see a world-class sports team like the All-Blacks New Zealand rugby team operate under the mantra of ‘Better people make better All-Blacks’ you have to ask why?

The bottom line is that if you improve your performance as a person, you’ll also improve the performance of whatever your work or sport is.

Are you someone whom you would respect and admire as a friend?

If not, what do you need to change about yourself?

If you are, then how do you translate that into your career or business?

Your work is a means to an end.

That end should be your life.

How are you living it?


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