How ‘Billions’ Is Helping My Business And Should Help Yours…

"There's so much you have to keep in your head... Balancing, weighing, deciding. You can't let anyone know all of it, maybe any of it.


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“There’s so much you have to keep in your head…
Balancing, weighing, deciding.
You can’t let anyone know all of it, maybe any of it.
I mean, to be Bobby Axelrod is to keep so much in your head, 
just to keep it from blowing up your brain takes Benedictine-monk-like discipline.”

– From the TV show ‘Billions’

The following has been a recurring conversation with people
over the last 6 months:

Me:  So you’re telling me the reason I’m here is because of a TV show?

Person (smiling):  Yes.

The TV show in question is ‘Billions’ starring Damien Lewis and Paul Giamatti.
If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s worth checking out. (Sky Atlantic)

What I’ve found fascinating is the impact the show is having on enquiries to my

If you’ve been on my mailing list for a while you’ll know I’m a big proponent
of the mind.  To me it’s the number 1 reason for success or failure in anything.

In ‘Billions’ the lead character is a hedge-fund billionaire – and he has a full time
Mind/Performance Coach in his business.

Some of my clients have been joking with me that some of the things this
coach does are similar to what I do.  And because of what they’re seeing on the show, savvy
business people are now becoming more open and curious.
I’m still amazed at the impact a TV show can have on something like this.
And I predict that over the next 5 years that the best leaders
will all have a version of a mind coach.

Why?  Because when done right this kind of support helps:

– your state of mind
– your clarity
– your focus
– your determination
– you communication
– your self-belief
– your peace of mind
– your happiness
– your quality of life

And all of the above ultimately affect your career and life results.

If you’re on that journey already, keep with it – it works.

If you’re not yet, now is the time to start investing in it.


ps – If you’ve seen the TV show, you’ll know that the mind coach has a ‘dark’ side – that
obviously is not what I do….:)

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