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Brexit – The Painful (& Crazy) Nature Of Divorce

“My ex and I divorced for religious reasons.

He thought he was God and I didn’t…”

There is nothing religious in watching Britain’s parliament struggle through the crisis that is Brexit. Although you would be forgiven in asking the almighty for guidance!

The original deadline for Brexit was set 2 years ago – this Friday coming, the 29th of March. What happens is by no means clear but what is clear is how effective leadership, or a lack of it, really does matter.

The UK are in a crisis of their own making. It’s a little but like watching a divorce where one person has said they want out but can’t really make their mind up around the terms they want. So they keep kicking the decision to leave down the road. And so the extreme pain from uncertainty on both sides continues – yet all the while, the real damage is being done to the kids!

There is no doubt it’s a complex situation but it’s also a time for courage, decisiveness – and for people to unite behind a common purpose. (i.e. the welfare of the children…)

In the middle of this crisis, there’s always the opportunity to take a nugget of inspiration for ourselves. For example, if most people are honest with themselves, there is often a little bit of ‘Brexit’ in their work and lives i.e. an area of indecision, stagnation and an unwillingness to bend your point of view.

Some questions to consider in that context:

  • Where are you not making a decision that you should? What will you do about it this week?
  • Where can you be clearer in your communication? What will you do about it this week?
  • Where can you listen better to tune into reality? And not just assume you know what’s actually going on.

And when it comes to the UK and EU, let’s hope we get closure soon one way or another!


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