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Busy Busy

I have a client who jokes with me about a guy he knows…


Every-time they meet, my client asks him how he is, and every-time the guy
replies “Busy! Busy! No time to do anything.”


But what’s interesting is that my client has seen him in his work
environment ‘being busy’ – and he’s usually not doing the obvious
things that need to be done – but is instead doing the easy things that are
not as important, just to be busy!


So in that spirit, here’s 2 powerful quotes for you:

1. “I’m very busy doing things I don’t need to do
in order to avoid doing anything I’m actually
supposed to be doing.”
– Anonymous

Most people don’t believe this quote applies to them.
But in my experience it does in different areas.

That’s the value of having someone experienced
tell you if you are – once you’re open to it.

It’s easier than ever to be busy…but the question is
busy doing what?

2.“Never get so busy making a living that you
forget to make a life.”

Most are so busy day in day out, that life can often drift by
without them even realising it.

One way to counteract that is to ask yourself this question:

What kind of life and career am I seeking to create?
At least if you’re busy with what really matters, that’s something.


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