Care And An Adaptive Purpose

"A man's home is his castle, until the Queen arrives." I was in my home town of Kilkenny on Saturday just gone. (For those reading internationally, Kilkenny is in the South East of Ireland)


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“A man’s home is his castle,
until the Queen arrives.”

I was in my home town of Kilkenny on Saturday just gone.
(For those reading internationally, Kilkenny is in the South East of Ireland)

I had a meeting in the morning just opposite Kilkenny Castle, which if you’ve never
seen it, is a ‘proper castle’.

The stone fortress was first built in 1213 and it has seen many changes
including the siege of Kilkenny by England’s Oliver Cromwell.

The Castle was eventually sold to the people of Kilkenny for £50 in 1967 and is now
managed by the Office of Public Works.

In addition to being one of the most visited tourist sites in Ireland, it is home to:

-Art Gallery
-Conference centre
-Awards/conferring ceremonies
-Beautiful walks
-Staging of plays and the occasional festival

I’m not sure anyone could have predicted how the Castle’s purpose would have changed over
the centuries.

It’s original purpose was a key part in the defence of the medieval city
but it has survived where other great buildings have declined because
of care and adapting it’s purpose to the times.

Could the same apply to you and to the business you’re in?

Care and an adaptive purpose….

The foundations of a castle are vital.

And in business the equivalent is it’s people.

If you get the right people pursuing a clear and meaningful purpose
then magic can happen.

Some questions arise:

Do you have the right people around you?

Assuming you do, are you caring for yourself and the people around you?

Is your business adapting to the current environment?  

Maybe it’s time to look at the purpose of your team or business?

I’m sure Oliver Cromwell could never have visualised people
in the Castle grounds sipping on skinny lattes….

But he’s long gone and the Castle is still standing.

The best businesses adapt their purpose to the times.

The same for people.

Maybe it’s time to change?


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