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Don’t Do Resolutions And Step Over The Line

“Good resolutions are simply cheques that men

draw on a bank where there have no account.”

– Oscar Wilde

I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions.

Often many sprint into the early days of January with the best intentions in the world. But we all know what happens to those intentions…

Earlier today, my wife, Judy was telling me that today is the top day in the year when lawyers get the most calls in relation to divorce. (Or was she dropping a hint/threat…?)

Is it any wonder?

The holiday period can be very intense and most overdose in alcohol, food and spending time with immediate and extended family.

It can be great fun but it comes at a cost.

Often the intensity of family and ‘cabin-fever’ are breeding grounds for stress and fights. Plus there are pressures financially for many and also expectations can be sky high to have the ‘perfect Christmas’.

Also, the normal routines of work, sleep, life and exercise are completely disrupted.

It doesn’t really sound like the best preparation for getting yourself into a high performance mood, does it? 😉

But a new year, and indeed a new decade offers a great opportunity to look up again. To re-start again. And to commit to striving for further success.

So, instead of looking at resolutions I’d encourage you to ask better questions of yourself in relation to the year ahead.

The right question can unlock something that is holding your back from possible growth and happiness.

To help those on my mailing list, I’ve created a useful pdf titled ’20 Questions For A Great 2020’ as a little gift.

In it, I’ve listed 20 great questions that will make you think, and if you answer them it will really help to shape a great year for you. It should be useful to you and others in your work/life.

Most people’s mood isn’t the best it can be, the first week back into work after the Christmas break. And when you’re mood isn’t great it’s not the right time to make big decisions.

Better to get some momentum day by day.

So imagine a line somewhere on the floor in front of you and directly after you’ve read this note, step over the line – knowing that you’re committed to leaving the past behind you which includes all limitations, mistakes, fears and doubts.

Use the line as your way to commit to a complete re-start in 2020.

A re-start to create better.

Let’s go!

(And happy new year by the way…)



ps – And if you are considering divorce, maybe consider holding off for a few weeks. Your perspective may change as your mood improves…:)

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