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Happiness & Business

“The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation
but your thoughts about it.”
 – Eckhart Tolle  (Author of The Power Of Now and A New Earth)

Increasingly in my role in helping people achieve more in the
professional and personal lives, the role of the mind and how
you use it is really THE thing.

Previously in business, if you started talking about this area
you’d see the eyes glaze over…

But that has changed dramatically in my work over the
past few years – The area of the mind and the impact it
has on your state is the foundational area not only
to achievement but in particular to happiness.

Your state of mind impacts on your productivity, communication,

clarity, problem-solving ability and energy…to name a few.

Everyone wants more happiness but there’s a lot of
confusion around what causes it.

The above quote is worth meditating on for a week, because most
people think their happiness is all about a situation.

I think you could do a seminar on this quote alone, in terms of
understanding its impact in business and life.

– And if you want to hear more from Eckhart Tolle
he’s speaking in Belfast this Saturday.  All details here.

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