How To Start Strong In 2014


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“Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.” 
I’ve mentioned before that one of my ‘nerdy’ hobbies is to collect great questions.  A great question is like magic, because it can unlock something previously unseen and be the catalyst to significant change.
To help you really clarify what matters most for you in 2014,  here’s 14 great questions for you to consider with a pen and paper before we get too far into 2014.
How To Use:
1. Access the pdf by the link above
 2. Go somewhere for an hour by yourself
 3. Take a pen and paper and answer the questions honestly.
 4. From your answers, prioritise your actions in order of importance.
 5. Review monthly in 2014
Note: I sent this out last year and because it got such a great reaction I’ve updated it for all readers this year.