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How War Horse Can Challenge You

“Any problem can be solved between people

if only they can trust each other.”

– War Horse by Michael Morpugo, Page 119

Last week I attended a showing of War Horse in Dublin with some clients from an entrepreneurs forum I run.

The acclaimed show tells the story of a relationship between a boy (Albert) and a young horse (Joey) as they grow up while World War I is taking place. You may well have seen the movie of this show, created by Steven Spielberg.

But the stage show is spellbinding. Raw, dramatic and compelling, it is a riveting exhibition of story-telling and puppetry – which has to be seen to be believed. After 5 minutes, you believe you are looking at a real horse on stage.

There is so much to take from this show.

But one key thing that stood out for me was that the entire production had started as an idea in someone’s mind.

It was just a thought. But that thought was given attention initially by one person and then by many. This show started as a blank page but someone was brave enough to add their words to it.

And the result was not just outstanding entertainment that brought joy and value to thousands but a business and organisation that employs many skilled people.

Change for everyone starts with a thought, an idea.

Regardless of your situation, everyone has a blank page in front of them when each new day begins. That page can be filled with the same old story – or it can be filled with something new.

A new direction, a new approach, a new project. A new mindset.

The show depicted the horrors of war but at it’s heart, War Horse is a story of love and it holds an inspirational theme of resilience and never giving up.

Metaphorically speaking, we all have blank pages in front of us.

What will you fill your page with this week?

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